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Pizza for Pesos?

Posted by nytexan on June 6, 2007

I was watching Nightline last night and saw this interesting article about a pizza chain, Pizza Patron, exchanging customer’s pesos for pizza. I thought it was innovative and a business trying to connect with the community.

The idea of exchanging pesos for pizza began in January as a holiday promotion for customers returning from their Christmas visits in Mexico. When they returned, they could spend their spare pesos at the Pizza Patron.

However, the idea became so popular that it now remains a regular feature at all 64 Pizza Patron outlets. The chain’s eateries are mostly in the Southwest, not necessarily along the border, but in heavily Hispanic cities like Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Additionally, the campaign has now become a lightning rod in America’s immigration debate.

“We wanted to say to our customer, ‘Look, we understand you,'” said Antonio Swad, CEO and founder of the chain. “We understand that you might have some pesos that you want to exchange for pizza and we’re the place to do that.”

Swad said the plan immediately attracted new customers. “Yeah, it was exactly the right thing for our customers,” he said. “It was a way for us to reach out and to do a better job of serving our customer than maybe some of our competitors do.”

And then the bigots raise their ignorant heads:

A voice mail said, “Your attempt to Mexicanize our country by advertising the fact that you accept pesos — it’s an insult to all of us. You want to accept pesos, move your ass to Mexico.”

Advocates of tougher enforcement complained that accepting pesos undermined American culture.

How does taking pesos undermine American culture? Personally I think that’s a huge burden to place on the peso or on Mexicans, we Americans are very capable at undermining our own culture. Thank you.

“The campaign has now become a lightning rod in America‘s immigration debate”

Interesting, is this because pesos are Mexican? Probably. I wondered if the exchange was with the Canadian dollar would that spark immigration issue. Probably not. Canadians after all pretty much look and sound like us. Well until they say “aboot” then their busted. So then we get to the next question; is an illegal alien only illegal if they are from the southern boarder. Why that would be a racist.

And then they said it, they read my mind:

The staunch opposition to pesos, however, does not apply to foreign currency from Canadians in the north.

Nightline pointed out that:

Even Wal-Mart accepts pesos at some of its locations near the Mexican border, cell-phone companies such as Movida cater exclusively to Latino customers, and Spanish-language marketing has exploded across American media.

Personally I hate Wal-Mart, but now I am glad to see that maybe the flag waving, I only buy American (actually made in China) Wal-Mart bigot shopper may just boycott them for their peso behavior. It’s interesting that occasional the enlighten and the Neanderthals might come together.

Anyway back to Pizza Patron. I am glad that they’re reaching out to the community. But then I don’t have problem with immigrants or foreign speakers. I don’t even have a problem with seeing instruction in multiple languages. I read the one I understand; it’s not a big deal. Maybe if more business and citizens were inclusive and not exclusive we could get a handle on immigration.

Newsflash, not all illegal aliens or immigrants are Mexican. By the way I would like to meet the pure American among us, just sayin.


2 Responses to “Pizza for Pesos?”

  1. Sparky McFrugal said

    What part of “illegal” do you not understand? Moron! Who carries pesos? Illegals.

    As for taking Canadian dollars near the Canadian border, I am also against that.

  2. nytexan said

    First, of all I am a U.S. citizen born and raised. Many times I have entered back into the U.S. with peso, I am not an illegal.

    Second, Texans not just as you say “illegals” travel to Mexico daily for various reasons including business and dual currency is normal.

    Third, banks exchange any countries currency, especially banks in boarder states. If you read the article carefully the purchaser is receiving a product for pesos and their change in is in U.S. Dollars.

    It is not illegal in for any country, including the U.S. to except currentcy from any other country. Perhaps if you travel outside of the U.S. you would have know that.

    But I guess moron was just easier for you to say.

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