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Bush: The Weapon of Mass Destruction

Posted by nytexan on June 6, 2007

As Bush swaggers his way to the G8 Summit, he has managed in a few short days to escalate the hostility that’s growing between him and Putin. Bush espousing that Putin is destroying democracy. Excuse me but let’s not forget that Bush has destroyed freedom and democracy in America. Our civil liberties have been violated and many taken away. So I truly believe that until we get our country back in order, Bush should not be telling everyone else how to get their country in order.

The other moronic statement by Bush, which is the escalating problems with Russia, is telling Putin that the cold war is over.  That’s another slight of hand trick by Bush, start a fight and then turn the blame to someone else. The cold war that Bush says Putin is starting involves the missile and radar system that Bush wants to put in Poland and the  Czech Republic. This idea of rouge states attacking Europe was instigated by Bush and his administration several months ago.  And yet somehow Putin is starting the new cold war.

In reality Putin has controlled his voice on the missiles in Poland until the arm twisting by Rice got out of control. Both Poland and the Czech Republic have been saying for several months that they don’t want the missiles or radar system in their countries and that it would destabilize peace in the region. Destabilize peace isn’t that what Bush is all about? Bush is the weapon of mass destruction.

This is not new news; I have posted several stories on Poland and missiles since April. However, since the main steam media who is four to six weeks behind in information, today it becomes news. The talking heads with their misplaced focus is on Putin and his “new cold war”. When in reality had the talking heads been on top of this, they would know that Bush began the arm twisting of Poland. The main stream will continue to focus on Putin and not take an in depth look at what they have missed for several months. 

By the way guess who these rouge states that Bush is trying to protect Europe from. According to Bush it’s Iran. Well folks here we are again getting Iran involved in an imaginary missile attack when in reality Iran is at best 5 years away from such a capability. Five years away, is that not enough time to settle difference with talks and negotiations? A reasonable person would think so, but then we are speaking of Bush the unreasonable decider of all things wrong and immoral.

The Bush game of world domination continues but this time he is going up against a man who will not put up with his delusions of grandeur and self riotous BS.  Putin is not without fault, but is he wrong to believe that he needs to protect his country from the U.S. missiles?  I don’t think so. After all half this country supported and followed Bush in his stupid misadventures.

Maybe this is the catastrophic event that Bush needs to engage is new role as dictator. Remember the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive he quietly signed on May 9, 2007 which gives him total control of the country. Isn’t it shocking that the talking heads missed this one.  Since it happened May 9, it will become news to them on July 9.


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