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Administration Meltdown – Return To Good ‘Ol Cold War

Posted by bosskitty on June 3, 2007


Moscow may target weapons at Europe if the US builds planned missile defence facilities in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

  Gorbachev criticises US ’empire’

 The former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has blamed the US for the current state of relations between Russia and the West.

  Echoes of Cold War in missile arguments

Russian hostility to the American plan to station anti-ballistic missiles and their radar in Poland and the Czech Republic is an indication of the wider unease in relations between Moscow and Washington.

If the American nuclear potential grows in European territory, we have to give ourselves new targets in Europe

President Vladimir Putin

So, this is what King George does if it is: 

 Too Soon to Say if Coalition Winning Terror War

 It’s too soon to say if the United States and its coalition partners are winning the war on terror, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.

Do we recognize another tactic by King George and his paranoid band of Droids?  He is determined to start Armageddon whatever the cost.  Europe must be expendable according to King George’s quest.  For George, mental health is not an option, at the world’s expense.

What the HELL is God saying to this guy?  Obviously George needs a translator because what he’s hearing cannot be what God is saying.  The King’s language skills are lacking and I’ve never heard God speak in broken HillBilly!

Of course my voices speak about peace, not destruction.


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