Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Godzilla And Mighty Joe

Posted by nytexan on June 1, 2007

Will someone please tell me when this horror flick is going to end? Geez Louis I feel like I’ve been living in a 1950’s sci-fi for the last 7 years.

Bush and Cheney are like Godzilla (no pun intended) and Mighty Joe in some bizarre world domination flick. Make it stop.

It appears to me that we can not go anywhere on this planet without telling some head of state how they should act or run their country. Case in point, Rice is in Spain and she beats the Spanish up for their dealings with Cuba. Well let’s just pick a fight with everyone one that has dealings with Cuba. That would be everyone, except Israel. The U.S. and Israel are they only countries that don’t trade with Cuba. So let’s just tell the entire world how to behave in “our sandbox”.

While Rice is busy telling everyone how to behave with Cuba (or any other country we don’t like) can someone please explain to me why we have military installation there, otherwise know as Guantanamo Bay. Wait Cuba is ok for prisoners only. What’s up with this 40 year old crap? Are we afraid Cuba might take us over with fine cigars? I don’t get it. I’m lost. Please get the sci-fi audio and the video in sync because I am getting very dizzy.

Personally, I wish Bush & Co. would take their toys and go home. I have had enough with American posturing around the globe with how perfect we are; how the world needs to do what we say; the world needs to sign off on policies we believe in. This behavior has caused us to sink to the bottom of the pile. Let’s face it we are bullies. We are dysfunctional and we are out of control. Well heck we must be we keep putting knuckleheads in office that can’t seem to play well with others.

This idea of world domination seems to be an obsession with Bush and the gang. The world is like one big chess board to them. We can’t get along with anyone in the Middle East, except the Saudis and that’s getting debatable. Israel doesn’t count; they are becoming our evil twin. Most Europeans think we are out of control and should stop policing the world. We obviously can’t get along with South America. Oh Mexico and Central America don’t worry we screwed them with NAFTA. Canada is hold their own against us, but when they put their boarder wall up to keep the bullies out, we will scream and yell. Then Canada will be part of the axis of evil.

When the world turns their back on us who will we are left with….. us that’s a scary prospect. We Americans get so tired of everything so fast. If we are just left with “us” to pick on, we will kill each other. So I guess the horror flick continues Godzilla and Mighty Joe conquering the world in the name of God and democracy.

Where’s the manager I want my money back for this flick.


5 Responses to “Godzilla And Mighty Joe”

  1. Suzie-Q said

    Well heck we must be we keep putting knuckleheads in office that can’t seem to play well with others.
    The Neocons have certainly made a mess of everything!

  2. nytexan said

    Yes they have. I am really tired of living their sick adventure.

  3. I will be very surprised if the “film” ends next year and Bushco actually leaves office.

    If this junta doesn’t stage a phony terrorist attack and suspend the Constitution and elections, I will be taken aback.

  4. mirth said

    I share your doubts, and fears, Christopher.
    I don’t think they will leave quietly.

  5. nytexan said

    it will continue and then it will go into reruns.

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