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US Ranks 96 on “Global Peace Index”

Posted by nytexan on May 30, 2007

While we go around the globe, telling everyone what a peaceful nation we are, it appears that our perception is a wee bit off.  Out of the 121 countries on the list,  the U.S. has the honor of ranking 96 one above Iran’s 97.

The United States earned a ranking of 96th in a “Global Peace Index” released on Wednesday, just beating out Iran. Compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the project studied 121 countries, ranking nations according to their peacefulness and the drivers that create and sustain their peace.

“The objective of the Global Peace Index was to go beyond a crude measure of wars by systematically exploring the texture of peace,” explained Global Peace Index President, Mr. Clyde McConaghy, speaking in Washington. “The Index provides a quantitative measure of peacefulness that is comparable over time, and we hope it will inspire and influence world leaders and governments to further action.”

They found that peaceful countries often shared high levels of democracy and transparency of government, education and material well-being. While the U.S. possesses many of these characteristics, its ranking was brought down by its engagement in warfare and external conflict, as well as high levels of incarceration and homicide.

Democracy, transparency of government, I believe those items would be pre Bush  & Co. luxuries.

The United States suffers because it is the world’s policeman, with high levels of militarization,” Andrew Williamson, the director for economic research, said in an interview with the Associated Press.

I’m sure Bush will say that he finds the report very interested, but he doesn’t agree with its findings.


4 Responses to “US Ranks 96 on “Global Peace Index””

  1. Larry said

    I’m surprised they rank that high since we have a war-monger leading the charge.

  2. nytexan said

    so true.

  3. D-day said

    Agreeing with Larry. How the hell did we rank that high?
    I would have guessed 115 give or take 3.

  4. nytexan said

    We should have ranked near Iraq since it’s our mess.

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