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Impeach Gonzales

Posted by nytexan on May 30, 2007

Robert Greenwald at Brave New Films and Howard Dean’s Democracy for American have launched  

New Impeach Gonzales video. Part 2:


Democracy for America is taking out newspaper ads in large cities and key districts this week. See ad.

A vote of no confidence is scheduled for mid-June, so please sign the petition to impeach Gonzales.


9 Responses to “Impeach Gonzales”

  1. Larry said

    I hope if this movement is successful it will branch out to the main hog in the lot.

  2. nytexan said

    I agree. We have to get something going on impeachment. Hopefully Congress will move forward on their vote and not back down.

  3. D-day said

    Petition signed with the note to make this just the first of many.

  4. Suzie-Q said

    I already signed last week on my blog. 🙂

  5. nytexan said

    Thanks for helping. If we get Gonzo impeached maybe we can do a few more.

  6. mirth said

    I’ve signed it too.
    But this Congress is a complete failure and I don’t expect it or any other positive actions will come to fruition.

  7. nytexan said

    Even though I am disgusted with the recent events of Congress, I am holding out hope. After all they have only been in there since January. The systems works slow and backwards at times. I am leaving my final judgment on them for September.

  8. mirth said

    Ok nytexan, but could you spare a little of that hope? I’ve run out.

  9. nytexan said

    Yes Mirth, I will share.

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