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How Irresponsible! How Selfish! How Prepared?

Posted by bosskitty on May 30, 2007


XDR TB was recently defined as a subtype of multiple-drug resistant tuberculosis. It often proves fatal.

The man’s tuberculosis had been diagnosed before his departure, but he disregarded his doctors’ recommendation that he not travel, she said. “The patient had compelling reasons for traveling and made the decision to go ahead and meet those personal responsibilities,” she said, adding that federal authorities did not know until he had left the country that he had the rare form of the disease. The man himself may not have known either, she said.

“During these two long flights, the patient may have been a source of infection to the passengers,” Gerberding told reporters.

I don’t know which is worse, the doctor who was too ineffective to convince his patient or the patient who was too selfish to consider the hazard he posed to fellow travelers.

For years, books, news stories, documentaries and even movies have alerted the public to travelers spreading deadly virus, bacteria and communicable diseases. Obviously no one takes this information seriously. Where is the CDC & WHO & Homeland Security in this story? Quote this administration, “Homeland Security is prepared”. Oh yeah? Is this infected person al Qaeda or just a selfish dumb ass? Who is taking responsibility? What are the consequences?

Why worry about al Qaeda bombing the USA when all they have to do is infect ONE stupid air traveller?

UPDATE: Read the Complete Text of CDC Briefing


9 Responses to “How Irresponsible! How Selfish! How Prepared?”

  1. JollyRoger said

    Somehow we are safer from you if your name is “Osama,” but if your name happens to be “Katrina,” you’ll kick our ass but good.

    I do not get the so-called reasoning of the “twenty percenters.” No matter how you look at things, security in this country is a cluster.

  2. Larry said

    Bin Laden is safer in Bush’s America than anyone else could ever be.

  3. Suzie-Q said

    No matter how you look at things, security in this country is a cluster.

    I totally agree with you on that! What kind of security is plastic sheeting and duct tape? LOL

  4. George said

    Why should I become a Democrat, party of leaches…party of welfare beggars….

  5. nytexan said

    I fail to see the logic in your statement. TB is not a Democratic Party issue or a welfare issue; it is a world issue. And yes, the CDC is under Homeland Security guidelines.

    If you read the many articles on this TB story you would know that the CDC failed to even know about this man prior to his trip overseas. After all it is their job to track all infectious diseases. The CDC fix to their huge miss was….lets fly to Rome and quarantine him there. When that didn’t work and the man escaped them he flew to Prague then to Montreal and then drove home to Georgia.

    That’s a lot of people exposed to his non curable form of TB.

    The ignorance and failure of knowledge with neo cons on every topic is beyond ridiculous.

    Jolly,Larry & Suzie:
    I actually think Bin Laden is living a very happy life here selling the 20% duct tape.

  6. Sticks said

    Didn’t the Dr. have a responsibility to report the infectious disease to the CDC? Did that notification ever take place? If so, why didn’t the CDC know about this before the traveler left the states? If the notification didn’t take place in a timely manner, what ramifications are being held against the irresponsible Dr. Is this Dr. a member of the AMA? Should he still be? Sure am glad I’m not one of his patients!!! I wonder if the office staff cleans and sanitizes the office and waiting room? Oh, too many thoughts and questions on this one.
    Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  7. nytexan said

    Apparently his doctor was matter a fact about his traveling, but the CDC did know about his case.

    I think both the doctor and the CDC should be held accountable since they both were aware of him prior to his trip. If the CDC didn’t know prior, it would not explain why they went to Italy to quarantine him.

    These guys have a lot of explaining to do.

    Thanks for coming by my blog.

  8. bosskitty said

    Thanks Sticks, my thoughts exactly. The thread of responsability must be followed all the way back to the first diagnosis and the first consultation with the patient. This ball was dropped several times and the risks are exponential. The Chinese and Indonesia jumped on SARS and Bird Flu once they took responsibility. Watch how long it takes for the US to take responsibility. I’m buying stock in face mask filters.

  9. Marianne said

    It just puts another nail in the coffin of so-called Homeland Security = security for who, for what, for when, for how, for why when we obviously have people in charge who are less than clueless? Thanks for the great article and right-on comments!


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