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Holding My Breath – Diplomatic Freeze Lifted With IRAN!

Posted by bosskitty on May 28, 2007

U.S., Iran End 27-Year Diplomatic Freeze

Monday May 28, 2007 9:31 PM, By STEVEN R. HURST and QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press

BAGHDAD (AP) – The United States and Iran broke a 27-year diplomatic freeze Monday with a four-hour meeting about Iraqi security. The American envoy said there was broad policy agreement, but that Iran must stop arming and financing militants who are attacking U.S. and Iraqi forces.

This same headline is on every front page of every news source I check. This could be a wonderful thing – keep your fingers crossed. I am holding my breath. Obviously there are several details to be addressed before this is finalized.

Iranian Ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qomi told The Associated Press that the two sides would meet again in less than a month. U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker said Washington would decide only after the Iraqi government issued an invitation.

Kazemi said U.S. efforts to rebuild those forces were inadequate to handle the chaos in Iraq, for which he said Washington bore sole responsibility. He said he also offered to provide what assistance Iran could in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure, which he said had been “demolished by the American invaders.”

This event will be watched closely by the whole world. Our future and the world’s future are linked to the success of what could be a reconciliation!



7 Responses to “Holding My Breath – Diplomatic Freeze Lifted With IRAN!”

  1. The administration will manage to screw it up.

    Just like everything else they touch, a step forward will end up with taking 2 or 3 steps back.

  2. Larry said

    I think it is all for public stage like the supposed UN attempt before attacking Iraq.

    I think this is a prelude to another war.

  3. bosskitty said

    Thanks Christopher & Larry, you are both right.
    The timing of all this bothers me. I’m increasingly suspicious. Such a hopeful sign still has obstacles. According to Washington Times, “This was an icebreaking session”. Iran wants the US to own up to the destruction of infrastructure – like that will happen.
    Keeping an eye on this story.

  4. mirth said

    There is credible reason to believe that Bush plans an Iran strike near the end of his term, and a handoff of it to the next president which is most likely to be a Dem.

    I see no real hope in this. From the Bush administration? No. This is prelude.

  5. bosskitty said

    Mirth, I think we have a consensus of mistrust. The GOP news bite spin doctors are practicing their magical sleight of hand again. Put positive headlines up with no real story content. If you read the stories, they seem very premature. LOL isn’t this whole administration pre-mature. Will they ever grow up?

  6. Suzie-Q said

    I hope it brings some peace but if Cheney is involved we can count on it not working in a positive direction.

  7. bosskitty said

    Thanks Suzie-Q you gave me an idea. Hmmm. The puppet-master has a plan to confuse everyone hoping they will let their guard down. Then his Halliberton, Blackwater, KBR mercenaries can sneak in and spark an incident. This is a cat & mouse game and Iran is the mouse …
    Damn! You got me started on another conspiracy path …

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