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Sobering Re-Post From Quaerentia Blog About US Arms Trade

Posted by bosskitty on May 27, 2007

the global arms trade & UN number crunching

Countries of Concern identified by the Foreign Office for human rights abuses = 20
Number of these Countries of Concern to which the UK still exports arms = 19

The Foreign Office list of human rights abusers includes China, Cuba, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Iran, Myanmar, DR Congo, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkmenistan (see the official FCO report). Not entirely unexpected – except for the fact that we still sell them arms. Private Eye’s scary stats have spurred me to doing a bit of number crunching of my own. Bit geeky perhaps, and i’m certainly not claiming any authority in commenting on the full significance of it all (most of it is gleaned from Wiki and the CIA World Fact Book – so who knows how reliable it all is).

The lily white USA looks pretty bloody when you see the numbers.  Please check Quaerentia‘s entire article.


3 Responses to “Sobering Re-Post From Quaerentia Blog About US Arms Trade”

  1. Larry said

    It looks like Bush isn’t so innocent in another vein as well. Just like his father, he really does have a hand in arming and funding terrorists.

  2. bosskitty said

    Thanks Larry, I wonder how much stock the Shrubs have in these arms corporations. It takes lotsa oil to transport shootem’ ups & blowem’ ups to the middle east.

  3. Larry said

    You can bet Bush is making a killing from the defense and arms industry. He doesn’t do anything that a price tag isn’t attached to it.

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