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Self-fulfilling Prophesy Includes Intelligent Design

Posted by bosskitty on May 27, 2007

 Don’t forget that Bush supports ‘Intelligent Design’.  His statements

President Bush invigorated proponents of teaching alternatives to evolution in public schools with remarks saying that schoolchildren should be taught about “intelligent design,” a view of creation that challenges established scientific thinking and promotes the idea that an unseen force is behind the development of humanity.

Republican candidates Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, and Mike Huckabee all indicated they did not believe in evolution. Then Duncan Hunter added he believes in creationism.  Even John McCain  reached out to the creationist Discovery Institute recently – has apparently said he supported teaching “Intelligent Design” creationism in science class alongside evolution (although he backed down a little bit).

Our current position in the world has been established by the money hungry, power hungry corporations who use the mantra of cloistered christian fun-duh-mentalists as a front.  War profiteers take the most emotional subjects and blur the lines of motive.  These profiteers use the Armageddon anxiety to justify everything they do – they convince the gullible fun-duh-mentalists that their actions support biblical prophesy.

Hopefully, our nation will recognize the ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’ carrot being dangled before their noses is a scam.  If you believe in God, would he or she be happy with his or her creation self-destructing and using his name to justify it?  Turning the USA into a theocracy will be the ultimate WMD.

If we let them take our brains, we are no longer human.

Good Night CoExist


2 Responses to “Self-fulfilling Prophesy Includes Intelligent Design”

  1. LaPopessa said

    “Intelligent” design is our newest oxymoron. There’s nothing intelligent about the Intelligent design argument.

  2. bosskitty said

    Right you are – lets take three steps backwards – back to the caves and start over again 😉
    Monkey see, but monkey won’t do!

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