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Minimum Wage Too Little Too Late

Posted by nytexan on May 26, 2007

I think it’s great that the minimum wage is going up to $7.25, but so is gas.

For the Americans that work for minimum wage, the rate will have no effect. To make this pay rise effective, gas prices have to be lowered. Gas runs the economy therefore, everything will cost more. Minimum wage families will not realize the $4,000.00 per year increase, because the cost of living will again override their pay check.

Congress needs to start getting aggressive with the oil company thieves. It’s shameful that the few things Congress is doing right are being wiped out by the items Congress is ignoring.

I suppose it was important for the Democrats to tie the minimum wage bill to the Iraqi bill so they can spin the blank check they gave to Bush.  They should have tied the minimum wage bill to the oil price gouging bill.


10 Responses to “Minimum Wage Too Little Too Late”

  1. proudprogressive said

    Sigh, indeed you are right NY Texan, this is too little too late. Look at the last two decades of stagnant wages. Now with the costs of transporting food this slow incremental step of raising the minimum wage will still not life many working poor out of poverty. It is also going to cause friction among the more senior workers who make as much after yrs on the job. What is the bright side of this ? Well, this is NOT pretty, nor will it be smooth but i think perhaps we see more political unreast then ever before. People who were given ARM morgages to buy McMansions out in the burbs are going to have foreclosures. People who felt insulated will feel the pain, especially due to the bankruptsy bill. Then when the pain is great enough the average “middle class” person will feel the assualt and realize in fact it is NOT the undocumented immigrant who is robbing them BUT it is a KLEPTOCRATIC SYSTEM, that puts Corporate Welfare above the Workers. They will see that BOTH parties collude with this. When there is NO HOPE – in the Buddhist sense, then we may see real change begin vs. continually re enforcing the status quo of the two party/one party system. How many times will the Dems. show themselves to be NOT the people’s party at all. IN fact they never really were..ANOTHER myth.

    As for the OIL companies. There is an answer under our noses..First tax them, and collect the Royalities they owe..then Nationalize them. YEP. Nationalize all essential Public Utilities. Socialism or heavily regulated capitalism may pull us back towards economic justice for all who work. Not everyone is part of the “invester class” most are not except through 401ks.. WE must support UNIONS.
    There is something else out there that could literally save this planet and our country by re invigorating our Industrial Base – Industrial Hemp. There is NOTHING this material cannot be used for. Ford built an entire car out of it. IT is a building material, a food, a fuel, a cloth…and the list goes on and on. The founders always said, i forget which one, but it well before Anslingers reefer madness era and the stamp tax, that it was the patriot duty of all Americans to grow Hemp.
    I am rambling i realize , but its time to stop the charade of the status quo and prepare for the real pain and sacrifice of revelution. My motto these days is : Better to fight OVERT facists of either party, than stealth one. And we at a fully fascist place. Those who deny this do so due to their own naivity and lack of historical understanding. The sooner we face this, the sooner we stop feeding the old model and create a new one. A new Party in fact. When people feel the pinch , they will suddenly open up their eyes and ears.

  2. nytexan said

    I agree with you that it is not the immigrants that are robbing us it’s the corporations. They, the immigrant, are an easy target for the ignorant and uninformed. The foreclosures on the middle class only seemed to be a bump in the daily news, but when the upper middle class get their McMansions closed on or threatened then the MSM will spend weeks on it. How will they blame the immigrant for their fall?

    Nationalize oil and public utilities….interesting idea, which I like. The problem is it will be argued and blocked for 100 years just like nationalized medicine. For some reason many equate national programs with socialism. Dumb asses I say. What the heck do they think social security, and the like are.

    The first way to change direction of this country is to somehow stop or override the status quo parrots. With their ignorant beliefs about national programs, they perpetuate the philosophy out of control corporations. Their ignorance has enabled corporate America to bankrupt this country.

  3. Suzie-Q said

    The minimum wage increase is good, however, it is still not enough, considering the cost of gas now and the overall cost of living.

    Great post! 🙂

    Blogkitty, I am adding your blog to my blogroll and if you could do that same that would be cool! 😉


  4. Suzie-Q said

    Oops! I meant Bosskitty! I was thinking about blogs I guess..


  5. nytexan said

    Suzie Q
    Thanks for liking the post.

    Thanks for adding my blog I will do the same.

  6. JollyRoger said

    Yeah, it’s way too little. If you take today’s minimum wage hike and try to compare its buying power to what the minimum wage would buy you in the 1950s or 1960s, it is very clear that this is, as you say, way too little, way too late.

    Welcome to the Reconstitution blogroll.

  7. Larry said

    It is a horrible thought that our politicians wait to attach the minimum wage bill to a funding of war for Bush instead of passing it months ago when it was first introduced.

    Both parties could care less for the working poor. They attach the minimum wage bill to mask their increased efforts to further Bush’s war.

  8. nytexan said

    I agree with you 100%. There was absolutely no reason to not have sent Bush the wage bill months ago. Instead they used it as a political volleyball to get both parties to sign off on the Iraq bill. They are all shameful.

    I laughed when I read that several in Congress wanted to see what it was “like” (can you imagine)to only have $20.00 per week to spend. What universe do they live in, most minimum wage families only have $20.00 per week,if their luck,for a family of four. At the end of their experiment they were amazed at how hard it was to survive. Really!!! That’s how out of touch they are.

  9. ogre8157 said

    i am a 50 yo man looking for a job and even if they set the minimum wage to 10.00 an hour there are no jobs for me the rich get richer the working class get forked as i see it can you say “do you want fries with that”

  10. nytexan said

    All I can say is politicians have no concept of how the the working class or the working poor survive.

    I think one of the steps in taking the country back is getting the elite out of high office and Congress. No, I don’t have a plan yet but give me a minute.

    I wish you luck in you search for work.

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