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Pelosi And Reid Have Failed America

Posted by nytexan on May 24, 2007

As Bush stand in the Rose Garden this morning giving his same old tired speech about the young Iraq Government and the his new strategy, I wonder how many new strategies are we going to have for this failed war. I’m sure September will bring another new strategy.

I am deeply disgusted with Congress for allowing Bush to again get his way in his continual lies of the Iraq war. The Democrats in Congress should be very ashamed of the selves. They won both houses of Congress to get us out of Iraq, and yet they side with Bush.

Their statement that this bill is the beginning of the end for Bush and his war is crap. I believe that for the Democrats approving this bill is the beginning of the end for the Democrats. Shames on you Speaker Peolsi, shame on you Harry Reid, both of you have failed the American public. Voters in November propelled both of you to power to stop the maniac that we call our President and you have failed.

There are a few in the House that are standing firm and will vote against the current bill and I applaud them. My own Representative Lloyd Doggett, will be voting against his colleges in the House. Mr. Doggett realizes the need for the troops to come home and he hears the voices of his constituents. I give Mr. Doggett a standing ovation.

My disappointment and disgust with the 110th Congress, has made me decide that I will not support, nor vote for any democratic running for President who votes for the current bill. This bill is a sham and yet, they call it ending the Iraqi war. My focus has now turned to supporting Mr. Dodd and Mr. Edwards for they are the voices standing firm on what the American public wants. They apparently don’t have a hearing problem.


11 Responses to “Pelosi And Reid Have Failed America”

  1. Marianne said

    You are so right, you hit it all on the mark. I am so disgusted with all of them, reps and dems alike. I have been a lifelong dem and I am ready to join the greens or liberals just out of pure disgust. I was going to write about all this on my own blog, but you said it so well, I see no need. I am 67 years old, seen it all, or so I thought, but these last 6 years have ruined the country and the congress, and I am getting tired of even thinking about it all-so depressing. We need young people to take up the mantle for “The American Way”, like my generation did in the 60’s. I would like to see the slate wiped clean, prez on down, get rid of all the candidates, both parties, and maybe start the Michael Moore party!

    Thanks for your good work here-please keep it up.


  2. nytexan said

    I agree with you on wiping the slate clean. There is way to much of the old thought process in Congress.

    I am a boomer, and I’m so disgusted with what boomer’s have become. We are now the people over 30 that shouldn’t be trusted. I am putting my faith and trust in the 20 something crowd to stand up against the government. After all it is their generation that is being wiped out in the war.

  3. gasdocpol said

    Obama and Hillary are going to have some explaining to do. Al Gore is starting to look better and better.

  4. nytexan said

    I am holding out for Gore. I think the screw up of the Democrats, especially Hillary and Obama just may inspire Al. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. My partner and I changed our party afiliation yesterday with the Monroe County Elections Board.

    We are no longer Democrats: we’re Independents.

    The party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is a disaster and no reflects my values or beliefs. I haven’t felt this good or free since I graduated from college.

    Thanks Nancy! Thanks Harry!

  6. nytexan said

    In Texas independents can not vote in the primaries, so I will be changing after that date. My plan for the primary is to vote for Edwards. Hillary and Obama have blown it.

    Gore need to jump in and screw them all.

  7. gasdocpol said

    Edwards has a lot of raw talent but only 6 years in Senate notable mostly for his vote to support Bush’s war despite being on intellegence committee. I like Gore , Obama and Richardson better

    Before that Edwards was an ambulance chaser.

  8. nytexan said

    Gore is my man. I bet he jump in as an independent.

    I have had my eye on Richardson for some months now. I like that Richardson has a lot of foreign experience especially in the Middle East and with N. Korea. His past cabinet positions also help.

    Obama, I like him but I haven’t get caught the wave. It bothers me that in yesterday’s vote we waited until the Iraq bill was safe to pass before he voted no. I not much for that kind of safety.

    Edwards, past in the Senate doesn’t bother me to much since it’s not much different then Hillary (who I’m not jazzed about). What I do like about Edwards is he is flying in the face of the other candidates safety play with Bush.

  9. gasdocpol said

    Edwards has a lot of raw talent but is basiclly a very successful ambulance chaser who has some experience in running for President.

    I do not blame Obama for being cute with his latest vote. People with their heads up their butts have votes that count just as much as enlightened voters. GW Bush has proved that.

    I have always loved Gore. Anyone who has seen him on talk shows like Leno, Letterman and The Daily show know that he is smart witty and cool. He underwent a grilling on Chris Mathews HARDBALL that GW Bush would have lasted about 5 seconds without his butt sucking wind.

  10. nytexan said


    I agree with you about Edwards. He has been running since the 04 election and I accept his reason for it.Edwards felt that 2004 handlers and managers didn’t let him expose who he really is so he’s been going around showing everyone the true Edwards. I like that about him. I think the handlers do more damage than good. I’ll pass on the ambulance chasing conversation, since my pay checks come from law firms.

    Gore is brilliant, I think that’s why the right went after him so viciously. They either don’t get him or feel very threatened by him. I believe its the later. I really hope he jumps in. It will be a slam dunk.

  11. bosskitty said

    Don’t know about anyone else, but, Lloyd Doggett is my guy and he did NOT let me down. His vote was NO from the beginning! I want to see him move up the food chain in congress. He’s been quietly doing it right for many years and not falling for the political games he was encouraged to join. This is what has kept him out of the public eye. He actually represents his district. He’s a ‘Good Texan’.

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