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Democrat Inaction Hurts!

Posted by bosskitty on May 24, 2007

I am angry that Democrats did not at least offer the alternative of ‘re-directing’ our human resources to Afghanistan out of Iraq in a phased shift. Afghanistan, the orphan war, could use the support that, the chosen child, Iraq got. Afghanistan at least was a justified response to a real injury. We allowed ourselves to fall for a ‘con’ job and got taken. Bin Laden is still free to be the ‘poster boy’ for Bush who is no longer interested in pursuing him. Oh yeah, he has these secret guys always getting closer and will catch or kill Osama some day . . . my dog chases his tail like that, too

Too late for recriminations, we should formulate a solution with minimum casualties on both sides. Real or imagined, the threat is now worse and we are compounding it by feeding Bush everything he wants. Americans did not put Democrats in charge for things to stay the same! Don’t bother justifying your actions/votes – just fix it!
So disappointed, I could spit!

This is what I posted on the Democratic Party Page.

Please explain to your Democratic base what inspired or influenced your ‘caving in’ to Bush’s veto threat?  Why couldn’t you just reword the ‘timeline’ and offer to ‘re-direct’ the human/military resources to Afghanistan in a phased shift?  Afghanistan is a justifiable response to a national injury and needs more resources. Iraq is a ‘con game gone bad’.  The US is flushing lives down a toilet with the illusion that we are ‘fixing’ something that WE broke.  We put a corrupt government in power and lost billions of dollars without accountability.  We are letting Iraq OIL resources disappear and don’t have a way to stop the leak.  We are funding corrupt officials who funnel funds to ‘insurgents and to Al Qaeda’, then we complain.  We are funding our own destruction in that country.  We have bought mercenaries at exorbitant price to help de-stablize Iran.  We have kicked the ant pile and are getting stung trying to stuff the ants back in.  We have no right to complain that it hurts!

Oh yes!  I am Pissed!


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