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But, Bush Still Has His Private Armies and The CIA

Posted by bosskitty on May 23, 2007

Thank you to ABC News ‘The Blotter’: Brian Ross and Christopher Isham

A group, called Jundullah, is made up of members of the Baluchi tribe operating out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran. Has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials. Tribal sources told ABC News the Jundullah leader, Abd el Malik Regi, receives funding from Iranian exiles and shadowy sources in Pakistan who also train his fighters.

The US has quite a dossier on Regi, although the CIA is protesting LOUDLY that it has no connection with this counter insurgent group.

A CIA spokesperson said “the account of alleged CIA action is false” and reiterated that the U.S. provides no funding of the Jundullah group.


Former CIA officers say the arrangement is reminiscent of how the U.S. government used proxy armies, funded by other countries including Saudi Arabia, to destabilize the government of Nicaragua in the 1980s

Between covert funding of more Iraq/Iran radicals and Bush’s Corporate Mercenary Armies, Bush will make sure a war erupts before he is out of office. Please read the whole article, it is worth it.

Just today:

 Two Republican presidential candidates, Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. and Mitt Romney, today criticized the ABC News report Tuesday about the CIA’s covert plan to destabilize the Iranian regime.


6 Responses to “But, Bush Still Has His Private Armies and The CIA”

  1. mirth said

    I see Henry Kissinger’s finger in this pie.

  2. nytexan said

    Thanks mans crooked little fingers are in every wrong war. How does that happen?

  3. nytexan said

    LMOA!!!! It would help if I proof read that post instead of playing with the kitten.

    It should read:
    That man’s crooked little fingers are in every wrong war. How does that happen?

  4. bosskitty said

    You must be tolerant of my dyslexic friend. How about, LMOAO = Laugh My Old Ass Off – Thanks for your comments. NYTexan & Mirth have ‘finger fetish’ about that devious prune Kissenger …

  5. In a Constitutional America, the Congress would step in and limit the activities of the CIA but alas, the Bushlicker Repugs and the wussy Dems, just stand on the sidelines and pretend no one will notice.

  6. nytexan said

    The way Congress has been behaving, I didn’t think we had a Constitution anymore.

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