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Bush Pulls bin Laden Out Of The Closet…Again

Posted by nytexan on May 23, 2007

Today, Bush gave a commencement speech to the Coast Guard, In his speech he said a few thinks that we know from the past are not accurate. So let’s look at what he said today.

The president acknowledged that critics “question whether the fight in Iraq is part of the war on terror.”

He said “the best way to protect our people is to take the fight to the enemy … so we do not have to face them at home”

Take the fight to them”…we took the fight to Iraq because we lost the map to Afghanistan. The continuation of tired worn out lies. Ok moving on.

The president cited two other post-9/11 alleged aviation plots — the first devised by Mohammed in 2002 “to repeat the destruction of 9/11 by sending operatives to hijack an airplane and fly into the tallest building on the West Coast.”

Mohammed allegedly told “a hearing in Guantanamo Bay” that the intended target was Library Tower in Los Angeles, Bush said.

Wait, Bush used this in one of his State of the Nation and the Mayor of LA and Gov. Arnold both jump up with “nobody ever informed us about the threat of attack”. Then the White House spin doctors came out with the usual “what the president meant was blah blah blah”. Bush is the only president that I can remember that need a damn interpreter every time he open his mouth.  Back to the speech.

Bush also said that, in 2005, bin Laden was working to set up a unit inside Iraq from which to launch attacks in other countries. 

What other countries name names, so I can check your story. Further, if according to Bush the intelligence community has gathered and knows so much about what and where bin Laden is and what he’s doing, then why haven’t we caught him. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me. If I know what someone is up to, I must have some knowledge of where they are or at lest someone whose knows where there are, otherwise how am I getting the information.

Pre 9/11 bin Laden had cells in the U.S., England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Sudan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Somalia, Indonesia, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia o mane a few. However, there were never ever cells in Iraq prior to our invasion. So again the linking by Bush of Iraq, with bin Laden and Al Qaeda is not and never was pre 9/11.

If you look the list of countries where bin Laden had cells pre 9/11, Bush could have pick one of those to attack. But Bush chose Iraq, a place bin laden was never welcome and Al Queda never had a sleeper cell. And yet in every speech, Bush defends his failed war and continues to include and link the three.

Bush is again trying to scare America, but we have smartened up and he hasn’t.


2 Responses to “Bush Pulls bin Laden Out Of The Closet…Again”

  1. mirth said

    They have to stick with their Playbook. They are too imperical and to STUPID to have developed contingency plans.
    This is all they’ve got.

  2. nytexan said

    It’s sad but true. An old play book with missing pages.

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