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Which Country Is Next On The Bush War List?

Posted by nytexan on May 22, 2007

Here’s a little exercise in how much we have learned about Bush.

How many wars and with what countries, do you think Bush will go to war with before his term is over. Remember the Bush hate list is getting bigger.

I’ll go first. One war. Iran, Bush will start moving troops to the Iranian border sometime during the late summer. I think the behind the scenes talks with Iran are smoke and mirrors to give President Incompetent the excuse he needs to start a war.


9 Responses to “Which Country Is Next On The Bush War List?”

  1. ClapSo said

    I hope you’re wrong but fear you’re right. I’m still stuck on trying to get the idiots in washingtOOn to stop the war we are already stuck with. I don’t even wanna get started talking about the boy blunder and what else he and his crime family have in store for us! Can’t we just attack france, they always surrender right away. Then those idiots in the oval office can say they won and bring our kids in uniform home. Yes, it’s a bad joke about france and all, but still, losing don’t seem to stop em, could an easy win make em stop? I’m running out of hope…


    Submited post on – “Which Country Is Next On The Bush War List?”

  3. nytexan said

    I hope I’m wrong. Bush has said that ending the Iraq war is the next presidents problem, so he has to have something else to do.

    Lol.. attacking France, how true. Can’t attack Italy because they always jump side in the middle of a war.

  4. mirth said

    I think you are right, nytexan.
    Couple the US covert actions now taking place in Iran with the change in the directive for the shadow gov’t authority in the event of a catastrophe and there you have it.
    Get ready….

  5. ClapSo said

    Hey, I just realized that the idiots should attack ALL of Europe. Since most of the “NATO” troops defending Europe are US troops and all of the invading army would be US troops the bush crime family would win this war no matter what. Then they can have them a neocon neo-VE day celebration! How ever it turns out g’dubya could start his victory speech with “US forces have been successful in Europe…”

    On the serious side, my oldest son is in the US navy. His ship, the USS Rushmore has been on station in the Persian Gulf for a couple of months now. The Rushmore is a landing ship dock. Inside the belly of that beast sits USMC landing craft and 850 fully armed jar heads ready to “establish a beachhead.” Where would they all be off to from that ships position? It would have to be Iran, unless someone has another guess…

  6. bosskitty said

    Shhh, they are listening to our blogs … “loose lips sink ships” … I won’t tell 😉

  7. nytexan said

    NATO what a novel idea. How did that miss the crime family?

    Quite, your telling Bush what’s on his ships and their location. Let him stay focused on the ground troops.

  8. ClapSo said

    ROFL they don’t tell g’dubya anything except what to say, and he don’t even do that right. Anyway, g’dubya is on vacation, it’s what he does.

  9. nytexan said

    Isn’t it amazing that even when told what to say he screws it up.

    That’s true he is here terrorizing Texas. Thanks for reminding me.

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