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Swiss Question U.S. Counterfeiting Charges Against North Korea

Posted by nytexan on May 22, 2007

Well here’s a little eye opener about what happened to the North Korean nuclear discussion. Remember how Kim Jonh Ill, that crazy hair teased ruler of North Korean, who was in negotiation with the Bush administration on halting their nuclear program and then the talks stop. Not a word of why talks stopped. Here’s how Bush makes friends and insured peace.

President Bush has accused North Korea of making and circulating the false bills, so perfect they’re called supernotes, and in late 2005 the U.S. Treasury took measures to block that country’s access to international banking. North Korea subsequently halted negotiations over dismantling its nuclear weapons program, a process that remains in limbo because of the dispute.

Enter the Swiss police, who were called on to investigate the Bush administration claims of fake bills. What they reported is very interesting.

The Swiss federal criminal police, in a report released Monday, expresses serious doubt that North Korea is capable of manufacturing the fake bills, which it said were superior to real ones.

The Swiss report includes color enlargements that show the differences between genuine bills and counterfeit supernotes. The supernotes are identical to U.S. banknotes except for added distinguishing marks, which can be detected only with a magnifying glass. In addition, under ultraviolet or infrared light, stripes appear or the serial numbers disappear on the supernotes.

The Bundeskriminalpolizei didn’t hazard a guess as to who’s been manufacturing the supernotes, but said experts agreed that the counterfeits weren’t the work of an individual but of a government or governmental organization.

Now which government or governmental agency might that be…hmmm?  Since it is considered grounds for war if a country is found counterfeiting another countries currency, it doesn’t take great brain power to figure out who the “government or “governmental agency” is.

Why is the Secret Service not cooperation with the Swiss Police. Is it because the Secret Service knows who made the fake bills, and want to keep it a secret. 

The Swiss report says the Secret Service has refused to provide any information about its investigations. It notes that if the United States produced concrete evidence to back up its allegations, “it would have a basis for going to war.” Under international law, counterfeiting another country’s currency is considered a cause for war.

Did they say grounds for war? Bush start a war. That’s crazy talk.

The Swiss police noted that before charging North Korea with counterfeiting, U.S. officials had mentioned Iran, Syria and East Germany as possible manufacturers. North Korea’s capacity for printing banknotes is extremely limited, because its banknote printing press dates from the 1970s. Its own currency is of “such poor quality that one automatically wonders whether this country would even be in a position to manufacture the high-quality `supernotes,’ ” the report says.

Do I see a pattern here with the counterfeit accusations and the countries Bush has tried to provoke into a war? 

The final say by the Swiss on the North Koreans being capable of doing this NO.

This just another chapter in the never ending book of Bush lies, instigating war and how not to make friends around the world. 


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