Taking Texas And The Nation Back

2008 Decision Time is Approaching . . . Pay Attention!

Posted by bosskitty on May 21, 2007

Which daily headlined articles do you actually read?  Do you see a trend?  Do you read anything that offers a different point of view? Do you prefer to focus on lighthearted celebrity antics?

The world is more polarized than before WWII.  Countries are postured to strike at real or imagined threats.  Again, political leaders will survive and innocents will die.

2008 World Presidential elections: 

March: Russia & China

April: Paraguay

November: USA, Palau, American Samoa

How many of us make our daily decisions based on actual objective research? We make our daily decisions based on what exists inside our immediate spheres. Jobs, kids, family, bills and media noise bombard our brains constantly. Few have the luxury to do actual objective research, so we depend on someone else to advise how we should vote. We seldom have the impetus to look into the veracity or motives of our advisors. Our opinions are based on quick, seldom educated, connections influencing our personal spheres.

Are we too lazy to see that parts of the world affecting our personal spheres are making their decisions just like we are? They depend on others to advise how they behave or vote. Whether it is a preacher, Imam, priest, or a good old buddy, no one is really doing their homework.

No politician will ever be squeaky clean. Focusing on their human past serves only as a distraction from real issues that impact our lives. But, the consequences of our shallow decisions will follow our children and their children and influence their ability to survive in the world we messed up for them.

Please take the time to look closely at the bigger picture and make an informed decision for your future, your children’s future and the future of the country your children will live in.  It is decision time, please do your homework.


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