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White House ‘Strongly Opposes’ Extra Pay for Troops

Posted by nytexan on May 18, 2007

Bush and his support the troops doesn’t amount to much.  Just another sound bit from the deceiver.

The Army Times: Troops don’t need bigger pay raises, White House budget officials said Wednesday in a statement of administration policy laying out objections to the House version of the 2008 defense authorization bill.

The Bush administration had asked for a 3 percent military raise for Jan. 1, 2008, enough to match last year’s average pay increase in the private sector. The House Armed Services Committee recommends a 3.5 percent pay increase for 2008, and increases in 2009 through 2012 that also are 0.5 percentage point greater than private-sector pay raises.

The slightly bigger military raises are intended to reduce the gap between military and civilian pay that stands at about 3.9 percent today. Under the bill, HR 1585, the pay gap would be reduced to 1.4 percent after the Jan. 1, 2012, pay increase.

Bush budget officials said the administration “strongly opposes” both the 3.5 percent raise for 2008 and the follow-on increases, calling extra pay increases “unnecessary.”

It’s ok for the troops to get killed but it’s unnessary for them to have a just wage.  You would think after Bush sends them out to war under equipped, without enough support and then abandons them when they get home, he would have the decency to agree to a pay raise. The hypocrisy of Bush and the gang towards the troops is disgusting.   


2 Responses to “White House ‘Strongly Opposes’ Extra Pay for Troops”

  1. ClapSo said

    Nicely done and spot on post. It is quite clear from all you reported here that the bush crime family only “supports the troops” so long as that means getting more of them killed and in no other way! If you add the VA hospital scandal and a host of other mistreatments of young people in uniform, like my son who is in the Navy. You see what a band of useless leeches g’dubya and company are.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. nytexan said

    Thank you for your comments.

    Funny you should mention the VA scandals since I have been trying to find recent news on the investigation. Everything seems to be from March.

    Bush will jump at the chance for him and his buddies to profit from the war but he will turn his back on he men and woman he has subjected to the war.

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