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Freedom Of Speech:Edward R. Murrow

Posted by nytexan on May 18, 2007

Edward R. Murrow on Freedom of Speech: this clip is from the movie Good Night and Good Luck. All of the speeches and commentaries used in the movie were the actual words of Edward R. Murrow.

If you substitute the name of McCarthy with Bush, the events of our freedom that Murrow speaks of are the same. It’s sad that many America gives huge attention and support to power hungry and paranoid men such as McCarthy and Bush and not enough attention to men or women like Edward R. Murrow.


7 Responses to “Freedom Of Speech:Edward R. Murrow”

  1. Love the movie and love Murrow. I always think Keith is a lot like Edward R. Murrow.

  2. nytexan said

    Keith did cross my mind. He seem to be the only one that speaks out.

  3. mirth said

    I haven’t seen this movie. I so appreciate you posting this scene.

  4. nytexan said

    its a great flick you should check it out

  5. Mirthy, You would love the film. I recommend it highly!

  6. Olbermann (assuming that’s the Keith referenced in the comments) has always turned me off a bit. He seems too ready to play to the sensationalism, using intonation and emphasis to drive home his point.

    In making speeches, such things are necessary, yes, but Murrow did it in a sincere, blunt and non-preachy way. Could just be the aura that has been formed around Murrow over the years, though…

    Still, Olbermann seems a bit too much like a Democratic Rush Limbaugh sometimes, telling people what to think and too often speaking to President Bush like he’s listening.

    As far as I can tell, Bush doesn’t listen to anyone except the great Almighty (who, apparently, speaks through Karl Rove) so why would he listen to Olbermann?

    Sorry…I’m just ranting.

    I like your site…you seem to touch on many things quickly and effectively. Keep it up.

  7. nytexan said

    Thanks for coming by. There will never be another Murrow,although Keith tries. I guess people see the similarities because he was the only one in the media who spoke out firmly against Bush.

    Bush has stated that God talks to him everyday, it never dawned on me that it was Rove. Or that Rove is the interpreter. Thanks for pointing that out.

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