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Memos Suggested DOJ Fire 26 U.S. Attorneys

Posted by nytexan on May 17, 2007

Gonzales bag of lies just seems to be getting bigger as the months roll by.  I find it very odd that Gonzales would not know about 26 attorney on the list. If that’s true, then who was running the DoJ Sampson or Gonzales?

Unreleased government records obtained by the Washington Post show that the Justice Dept. listed 26 U.S. attorneys as candidates for firing, including nine who were fired in 2006. The roster of prosecutors is much longer than previously acknowledged.

Here is the information contained in the records (names with *** are names fired in 2006; names with ** are names of U.S. attorneys fired in 2005; names with * are U.S. attorneys who have resigned):

Feb. 24, 2005

Thirteen U.S. attorneys recommended for removal by D. Kyle Sampson, then the attorney general’s chief of staff, who sends the list to the White House in March. See Full List.

It’s time for Gonzales to go and the Department of Justice to be overhauled.


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