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The Grand Old Party is over, now it’s time to clean up their mess

Posted by Commander_Guy on May 15, 2007

Hi all,

I’m new to this blog, but I have been fuming mad at the Republican neocon death cult for awhile now. Those of you who know my frustration and share it, God bless you. Those who don’t can get stuffed. I have no tolerance for evil.

Fortunately, I believe that the house cleaning from the out-of-control all nighter frat party has begun. Time to clean up the vomit, send the vandals to jail, and try to rebuild the House, and remind our brothers and sisters about the fucking rules one more time.

The pack of lies from the Greedy Orwellian Perps (GOP) is wearing thin, even for them. This week’s GOP horror show brings us the disgrace of an EPA rotted from within, not doing their jobs, and the mastermind of the repeat of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre involving the plan to destroy the justice system by illegally tampering with U.S. Attorney investigations that are ongoing. Are there any Republicans in office that are NOT criminals? I find it absolutely ironic that these monsters wag their fingers at us every time they get into trouble, saying that they “cannot comment on an ongoing investigation”. See, they know the rules, they just don’t like to follow them like we do. Well, we are going to use the judiciary to crush you and your illegal activities. The party is over, and the cops are on their way.
It has been a busy time, hasn’t it? Bush is busy fiddling while Iraq burns. Another photo op to prove what a “likable guy” der Furher is. It’s like being asked to party with Hitler. You have to show Herr Bush that you’re having a good time, or… well, just ask anyone at Guantanamo Bay… oh, right, you can’t. They don’t have any rights anymore. Where’s the Constitution when you need one? Never handy for the neocons. I hope the Democrats still have a copy in a secret cave somewhere, safely hidden, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, and about as often read by the Republicans.

Did you see the gaggle of losers vying for the oval office in the RNC “debate”? I caught snippets, and I can’t believe how sad and worn out the Republican Party is. What a joke. I don’t understand how they can keep their stories straight, what with all the lies and flip flops and misdirections, and, by the way, what’s up with Grampa McCain? He’s seriously off his meds again, telling us all how great Iraq is, but that they better not get too independent minded, those darn Iraqis, because all that “democracy” talk is going to their heads. Who gave the dysfunctional Iraq Congress permission to vote the U.S. troops out of their country? Don’t they understand that we don’t really count the votes anywhere in a dictatorship? Jeez. Don’t they remember that Bush installed a CIA operative as their leader? Come on! Get with the program! Makes you wonder how the Iraqi people got purple fingers, doesn’t it? My theory is that they got their fingers smashed in the door of a Humvee, or pinched by screwing on caps on the ends of pipe bombs after they realized just how badly they got screwed by Bush and Co.

Then we learn that the Iraqi army only has less that 3 brigades, or not quite 6,000 troops. In four years, this is all that the Bushies could manage to muster? I heard McCain himself speak of upwards of 300,00 Iraqi troops. What’s up with that? Where’s the beef, McCain? We know that you lied, we have you on tape! If we can remove Imus from his job, why then can’t we remove these neocon thugs who kill people and lie about it? Isn’t that far more serious than a racial slur? I think so. We impeached Imus. Time to impeach the Bush Crime Syndicate.

Yup, the Republicans are totally screwed, and I’m lovin every minute of it. The Republicans had a small gathering here where I live in Boulder, Colorado, and it was pah-thetic. Nothing but the elderly and the insane (or both). Don’t they know that the war is already lost? The place looked like a POW camp to me. The GOP might want to rethink the whole stem cell thing, because their voters are all suffering from Alzheimer’s. It explains things.

Speaking of confused losers, did I mention that I met Mitt Romney in person when he was campaigning for office in Massachusetts a few years back? I was sitting waiting on the porch for my then girlfriend to arrive, and he came walking down the street, going door to door in Sommerville, and he introduced himself. Very tall guy. Had no problem with meeting strangers, thanks to his creepy Mormon upbringing.
I had no idea just *how* creepy he was at the time, or what a chameleon he was. I was about to find out.
I asked him what he thought that the biggest problem facing Massachusetts at the time. His answer was that we need to privatize the prison system, and build more of them. I laughed right at him, and told him that I knew that it would never fly with the people of the Commonwealth. I knew that the prison system was adequate, and that crime in the state was at an all time low. The people of Massachusetts were way too smart for him, and rejected his plan utterly. It hardly got noticed by the press.
Did I mention that he was an investor in a plan to build and manage the private prison system that he had in mind? Oh yeah, that’s how these freaks operate. This was his only platform idea at the time, and his only reason for seeking office in MA. He is not seeking re-election, and he was a notable failure at the job, achieving absolutely nothing during his time there. If he did try to run again in MA, he would lose. Not one bill passed, and no, the health care bill was not his. Romney had nothing to do with it.
So, having not succeeded in borging Massachusetts, Romney now has aspirations for an office further away in Washington, where he probably feels that he won’t be held to account for his “get rich by destroying government programs that work” schemes.
I will work to expose him for the greedy fraud that he is. He has made millions by collaborating with people who want to take government functions and wreck them. Education is his thing too. He is destroying the lives of young people through his chain of early child care centers called _Bright Horizons_. He is a controlling investor.  Wonderful teachers, but horrible management.

Here is an article about Romney in yesterday’s Boston Globe:
_Romney says voters will accept his Mormon background_

On another note,
I am psyched to see Thom Hartmann do a live broadcast this coming Thursday. I can’t wait. I hope that I can have him sign his latest book for me. I hope to report on it afterwards.

-Commander Guy


One Response to “The Grand Old Party is over, now it’s time to clean up their mess”

  1. nytexan said

    The GOP debate was really poor. The group that’s running seems to be looking more for the Reagan family approval than their party. Go figure, they should be called the out of touch party.

    Pelosi need to keep draining the swamp and the committees need to get more aggressive. These guys need to see some jail time, even the one that have resigned.

    Please tell me more about Mitt. I just love that the GOP talks out their arse.

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