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Major General Paul Eaton Speaks Out

Posted by nytexan on May 15, 2007

Major General Paul Eaton joining in seding their message to Bush.

How many more general who commanded in Iraq, have to come forward before Bush listens.


8 Responses to “Major General Paul Eaton Speaks Out”

  1. Commander_Guy said

    Nice work General Eaton. Short and sweet. Well said.
    Unfortunately for us, Dubya has yet to follow a single order or suggestion by a military commander.
    This includes orders to take a piss test to find out if he had ever used cocaine or marijuana. Even going AWOL was not a problem for George junior.
    Bush manipulated a photo op on the USS Lincoln and lied to the American people by declaring mission accomplished.
    George gave our troops a plastic turkey, while encouraging Iraqis to “bring ’em on”.
    What makes anyone think that “the decider” will start listening to military experts now? He thinks that money and power will protect him and that he can do whatever he pleases. His arrogance is now legend.
    George has zero respect for our troops. Take a look at Walter Reed hospital and realize the truth.
    Just look at how he has smeared John Kerry, Max Cleland, and even John McCain, not to mention John Murtha. No respect.
    Obey an order? The KING doesn’t obey orders.
    Bush acts like King Louis XIV.
    We should start acting like the French people.
    Impeachment. Prison. A return to democracy.

  2. They’re lining up to speak out against Bush’s Iraq war. Too bad the House Democrats are still wandering around Capitol Hill, clueless how to stop the occupation.

  3. nytexan said

    I wish Pelosi would get the democrats together. We can’t stop Bush if Pelosi can organizes the team.

  4. mirth said

    A longer statement would not have been as effective.
    Imagine the contempt he and other military leaders feel for Bush & Cheney!

  5. nytexan said

    Short or long Bush will continue to ignore. I really don’t blame the military leaders if they pulled a mutiny.

  6. The senate vote today is proof the Democrats are as big a azzwipes as the Repugs. Carl Levin makes me want to puke.

  7. This general, Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton (the “Ret.” part omitted on purpose, all Generals can be called back to active duty, many have in the past) is the first one to detail the failure to “understand Strategic Planning” and plan to attack Warsaw Treaty forces with Hi-Tech weapons. Any tourist that has been to a “Developing Nation” could have told Sec. Rumsfeld, he was unrealistic. He has yet to admit to even a single failure, of course, he knows who to blame, they all do.

    Gen. Eaton, is also the first one, to my knowledge, to publicly detail the fundamental problem with all the concept and planning on the War on Iraq. He, finally, made it clear what many Senior Military Officials know and all Senior Government Officials, of either party, must already know but have never mentioned:
    First, he mentioned in CBS’ ‘Meet The Press”:
    There are Three components to training a military force:
    1. Physical Training. 2. Military Skill Training and, the key omission in the Iraq War: 3. The “Moral” Aspect, the General attributed the term to the British.
    Soldiers, worldwide, must believe their mission is worth killing and dying for, they must believe in the legitimacy of their orders and actions. In Iraq, Government Official do not provide the necessary moral support for this key training aspect.
    How can Officials that lie, steal, bribe and do other illegal acts motivate soldiers on their mission?
    But, wait, does that apply also to our own Administration?
    You decide!

  8. nytexan said

    It can’t apply to this administration Bush, Cheney and the rest never served, so they have no concept of a soldiers job, duty or to motivate. Never mind honor that escapes this sleazy bunch.

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