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Bush Begs … What A Line!

Posted by bosskitty on May 12, 2007

US President George W. Bush pleads for time over Iraq last night after being warned that the war was destroying the Republican Party and that allies on Capitol Hill were poised to defect.

Mr Bush used a hastily arranged appearance at the Pentagon to urge sceptics of the troop “surge” to “give this plan a chance to work – let’s stop playing politics”.

This is great! When he cannot ‘strong arm’ or bully his way past the Constitution and this nation’s laws, King George whines that we are “playing politics”.  In the words of my favorite 5 year old, CACA, POO POO!

To the personal confidant of GOD, I say, LET GO and LET GOD!


11 Responses to “Bush Begs … What A Line!”

  1. regman68 said

    If we leave before stability is established, a power vacuum will exist. The powers around Iraq will gladly fill it. Iran would take most of Iraq in the Shite controlled areas. Turkey would take the Kurdish areas. The Sunnis would be second class citizens and many millions killed. Iran would then be in control of twice the amount of oil money to fund terror against us. But that is all irrelevant to the Defeatocrats. What is important, however, is that whatever Bush believes, Democrats believe the opposite. This is how they hope to get more power. The Dems would gladly sacrifice our troops and our national interests if it means that they get to hold all the reins of power.

    Sorta makes me think there are bribes going to the Democrat leadership from Al Qaeda. That might explain why Pelosi has to make so many trips to visit the enemy, maybe arranging payment for services rendered, defeating America with its own government rather than in battle.The ultimate Bin Laden attack on America, defeat America by turning her own government to work for him to defeat America in her own government. I’ll bet Bin Laden is smiling right now. I bet he is proudly wearing his Democrat Party lapel pin, getting groomed for his victory pictures with Reid and Pelosi when this is finally all over with.

  2. bosskitty said

    Iraq no longer exists. The dissection of the leftovers is inevitable and there is nothing America can do to stop it at this point. The puppet government we have installed only has a broken population that is missing the majority of its middle class, businessmen, educators and non-sectarian politicians. Anyone remaining could not afford to pay the price for escape. We can leave our mercenaries behind at their inflated cost and bring the broken military home to heal.
    It might help if you visited the blogs of the population that remains in Iraq and kind the life they have to live.

  3. nytexan said

    Your remarks are completely uneducated in facts and lack logic.

    If you bothered to listen to the Arab Conference it was made very clear to Iran by the Arabs to stay out of Iraq. Since Iran has to deal with the Arab nations on many levels this warning was taken very seriously. Yes even by their crazy leader.

    The democrats are not opposite of Bush on his beliefs it’s his policies. It’s not a power struggle, independents and democrats are flexing the voice of 60% of the population’s demands.

    Regarding Pelosi’s trips: She has taken a delegation with her every time, which has consisted of both republican and democrats. So don’t act like she is a lone gunman. Also if you knew anything about how the branches of this government work, Speaker of the House (no matter which party) has the full authority of the constitution to engage in statesman activities with other countries.

    Regarding Al Maida and Pelosi: very doubtful that she would be on their payroll. This shows me that you don’t understand the strict fundamental process of Muslim world, woman do not participate outside the home, woman can not have a job, woman do not hold a position of authority, woman do not hold political office. This would seem to rule Pelosi out for Al Qaeda employment!

    Please do your homework. It will help us all end the occupation.

  4. regman68 said

    60% of the population’s demands, huh? I guess that is why Congress’ approval ratings are in the low 30’s now? Doh! A second term President, traditionally has low approval ratings, add being in the middle of a War, and you really have trouble. You can’t wage a War based on polls, and politicians in Washington can’t micromanage a War, that was the trouble with Vietnam. The Dems are trying to repeat that fiasco simply to make Bush look bad. They will be the real losers in the future though. America never votes for a defeatist party. Look at which party got elected President after Vietnam.

    Pelosi does not have the right to circumvent a Presdient’s foreign policy, I don’t care if a few RINO’s went with her, you are wrong on that one.

    As far as Pelosi being on Al-Qaeda’s payroll, I can see, just like most liberals, you don’t have a sense of humor. I was illustrating absurdity by being absurd. It is called “irrevent humor”, but liberals know nothing about humor, they are the most miserable people I know.

  5. gasdocpol said

    Why not sit everyone down with the Iraqis (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds), other Arab countries, Europeans, Asians, USA… etc.





  6. nytexan said

    Thank you. It would be nice to put Iraq back to its original border before Britain screwed with it.

    That may cause the Kurd to want the parts of their land that’s sitting in Turkey and Iran. However, I think at this point the Kurds would be happy to break away from the rest.

  7. gasdocpol said

    NY Texan

    If the Kurds want to have their own country, they need to quarantee that they will respect turkey’s present border and the UN or world community needs to guarantee that too. If the Kurds do not agree, they can forget about having their own country.


  8. nytexan said

    With the political mess that Turkey is in at present, the Kurds just might go for a UN agreement with NATO protection to get established.

    I’m sure the Kurds are for partitioning since the richest land an oil sits in their part. That could pose a problem to the plan.

    Iraq will always be our problem thanks to president incompetent and his nation building.

  9. Commander_Guy said

    regman68 ignorantly wrote:

    Stop deliberately trying to confuse the American people with the neocon Republican thugs that pretend that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights don’t exist. “We” are not at war. The Bush administration has launched an illegal and immoral attack on an unarmed nation to procure oil resources and profit from it.
    The American people and the people of the world spoke in protest of the eve of this illegal occupation to the tune of 15 million in the streets. People died protesting.
    Stability existed before the war. Thanks to the criminal enterprise of the Republicans, stability may never exist there. Many who are innocent of any wrongdoing are being hurt or killed.
    You parrot the current lie about stability when it’s your fault that Iraq is the way that it is. Own it, Republicans. As Barack Obama so eloquently pointed out, “There are no good options for Iraq.”
    You Republicans made Iraq this way. We plan to stop you. We are starting to succeed, and that has caused some of you to crawl out from under the rocks that you have been hiding under to proclaim that we must “stay the course”. This immoral conflict for illegal profit will end, but the conflict in Iraq may never end, thanks to the evil of deceitful and crooked men like you who lie to keep the death going.
    How DARE you all proclaim that you are “pro-life”.

    You mean like the awesome military might of Blackwater USA?
    Again with fears about some terrible fate befalling the good people of Iraq. Are they allies or enemy in this argument that you have already lost? How can you sit there are your computer with a straight face and continue to lie, saying that you give a flying fuck about the people of Iraq. It’s liberals that care about the Iraqi people, not you. You want the oil for your continuation of denial about global warming and profits of 30 billion for oil sales.

    Added to the now more that 650 thousand estimated already murdered for illegal oil procurement. Lie to us some more and tell us all about how much your conciounce bothers you for voting for the monster that set this in motion in violation of national and international laws and treaties.

    So you want to attack Iran as well? You ARE and extremist. Take their oil too, I suppose. Wow. You really are fucking nuts.
    Thanks to der Furher Bush, the Iranians have democratically elected a hard line theocratic government of extremists to fight us anywhere in the world, including Lebanon and Israel.
    Attacking Iraq gave the Iranians all the exuse that their right wing wackos needed to give more money and arms to extremists like Hezbollah, the Army of God, the Brotherhood of Allah, and Hamas, among others. Nice going, assholes. You morons have inflamed the entire right wing religious world in the region, and just like you and the Bush Crime Family, they don’t follow any sort of morality.

    We certainly proved that we are defeating you, so keep calling us that. It works for me. Defeating terrorists like you pleases me greatly. This illegal occupation is going to cost you all yet again at the polls in the next election cycle, so please, do us all a favor and continue talking up the war. It’s working well for us so far. You morons are defeating yourselves by divorcing yourselves from reality, which is that the American people are going to remove you extremist monsters from power because you are all crazy. We defeated you last November. Get used to losing from now on.

    How simplistic your mind works. Sad, really.
    George W. Bush has proven that he is an evil man with his illegal deeds, and you stand behind that. Sick. Truly sick.

    Democrats didn’t vote to put troops in Iraq. That was the Bush Crime Family. Wow, are you confused. You are the one playing political football with the troops while Democrats try to get them out of an illegal mission that has become a civil war. Americans aren’t fooled by the lies anymore. Look around. There are fewer and fewer Republicans. It’s an encouraging trend.

    Wild accusations not based in fact. It’s the hallmark of a lost argument. Personal attacks.
    Fortunately, Americans already know about the Republican scandals too numerous to name. You Republicans are the party of corruption and greed. Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramhoff, etc, etc. The list of corrupt and crooked Republicans have left their mark so long on your party that even Rove’s attempt to corrupt the Justice Department failed. I say impeach the lot of you.

    Several prominent Republicans were on that trip as well, outnumbering her four to one, so I guess that means that Republicans are undermining der Fuhrer as well, according to your logic.
    Pelosi is wealthy already. Very wealthy. The Republicans, on the other hand, could use funds for their criminal defense lawyers.

    Wow. I left your blathering nonsense comment intact to defeat itself.

    Well sure he is. The Bush family was doing business with the bin Laden family ON THE DAY of September 11, 2001, so of course he’s alive and smiling. Bush wants it that way, and that’s the way it has become. The second greatest terror attack on U.S. soil, and Bush allows the monster who took credit to escape and live without harm. This is the man that you worship. How sick is that?
    Why did Bush allow Osama to escape? Why did he say publicly “Well, you know… I don’t know where he is. I really don’t spend that much time on him.” after saying that he would “smoke him out”?
    You have no logic whatsoever to continue to support the person who let bin Laden escape.

    Your irrational hatred of America and the Iraqi people is the problem.
    It is YOU that are tearing this country apart from the inside.
    If you were truly a moral and just person, you would support your government, which is now quickly becoming controlled by Democrats because the American people want it that way. Look around you. You are alone in your hatred. No one is standing with you on the side of hate and death. I for one, want to be the first to use the Christian tradition of shunning you from America entirely. You are NOT an American. We despise you for contributing to mass murder and an evil regime that are doing their best to un-democratize America. You will not succeed.

  10. nytexan said

    Bravo. However, I think our republican visitor doesn’t have the attention span to respond to your comments.

    I don’t mind when people from all part of the political spectrum leave comments, but it does irritate me when they continually leave uneducated comments. I guess that’s just the GOP party line requirement.

  11. Commander_Guy said


    Thanks. I should not have spent so much time on it, but it’s good therapy. I screwed up the blockquote cite tag as well. Oh well. I’m new to this blog, so…

    The pack of lies from the Greedy Orwellian Perps (GOP) is wearing thin, even for them. This week’s GOP horror show brings us the disgrace of an EPA rotted from within, not doing their jobs, and the mastermind of the repeat of the Saturday Night Massacre involving the plan to destroy the justice system by illegally tampering with U.S. Attorney investigations that are ongoing. Are there any Republicans in office that are NOT criminals?

    It has been a busy time, hasn’t it? Bush is busy fiddling while Iraq burns. Another photo op to prove what a “likable guy” der Furher is. It’s like being asked to party with Hitler. You have to show Herr Bush that you’re having a good time, or… well, just ask anyone at Guantanamo Bay… oh, right, you can’t. They don’t have any rights anymore. Where’s the Constitution when you need it? I hope the Democrats still have a copy in a secret cave somewhere, safely hidden.

    Did you see the gaggle of losers vying for the oval office in the RNC “debate”? I caught snippets, and I can’t believe how sad and worn out the Republican Party is. What a joke. I don’t understand how they can keep their stories straight, what with all the lies and flip flops and misdirections, and, by the way, what’s up with Grampa McCain? He’s seriously off his meds again, telling us all how great Iraq is, but that they better not get too independent minded, those darn Iraqis, because all that “democracy” talk is going to their heads. Who gave the dysfunctional Iraq Congress permission to vote the U.S. troops out of their country? Don’t they understand that we don’t really count the votes anywhere in a dictatorship? Jeez. Don’t they remember that Bush installed a CIA operative as their leader? Come on! Get with the program!
    Then we learn that the Iraqi army only has less that 3 brigades, or not quite 6,000 troops. In four years, this is all that the Bushies could manage to train? I heard McCain himself speak of upwards of 300,00 Iraqi troops. What’s up with that? Where’s the beef, McCain? We know that you lied, we have you on tape! If we can remove Imus from his job, why then can’t we remove these neocon thugs who kill people and lie about it? Isn’t that far more serious than a racial slur?

    Yup, the Republicans are totally screwed, and I’m lovin every minute of it. The Republicans had a small gathering here where I live in Colorado, and it was pah-thetic. Nothing but the elderly and the insane (or both). Don’t they know that the war is already lost? The place looked like a POW camp to me.

    Speaking of confused losers, did I mention that I met Mitt Romney in person when he was campaigning for office in Massachusetts a few years back? I was sitting waiting on the porch for my then girlfriend to arrive, and he came walking down the street, going door to door in Sommerville, and he introduced himself. Very tall guy. Had no problem with meeting strangers, thanks to his creepy Mormon upbringing.
    I had no idea just *how* creepy he was at the time, or what a chameleon he was. I was about to find out.
    I asked him what he thought that the biggest problem facing Massachusetts at the time. His answer was that we need to privatize the prison system, and build more of them. I laughed right at him, and told him that I knew that it would never fly with the people of the Commonwealth. I knew that the prison system was adequate, and that crime in the state was at an all time low. The people of Massachusetts were way too smart for him, and rejected his plan utterly. It hardly got noticed by the press.
    Did I mention that he was an investor in a plan to build and manage the private prison system that he had in mind? Oh yeah, that’s how these freaks operate. This was his only platform idea at the time, and his only reason for seeking office in MA. He is not seeking re-election, and he was a notable failure at the job, achieving absolutely nothing during his time there. If he did try to run again in MA, he would lose. Not one bill passed, and no, the health care bill was not his. Romney had nothing to do with it.
    So, having not succeeded in borging Massachusetts, Romney now has aspirations for an office further away in Washington, where he probably feels that he won’t be held to account for his “get rich by destroying government programs that work” schemes.
    I will work to expose him for the greedy fraud that he is. He has made millions by collaborating with people who want to take government functions and wreck them. Education is his thing too. He is destroying the lives of young people through his chain of early child care centers called _Bright Horizons_. He is a controlling investor.

    Here is an article about Romney in yesterday’s Boston Globe:
    _Romney says voters will accept his Mormon background_

    On another note,
    I am psyched to see Thom Hartmann do a live broadcast this coming Thursday. I can’t wait. I hope that I can have him sign his latest book for me. I hope to report on it afterwards.

    -Commander Guy

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