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Will Gonzales Face Perjury Charges?

Posted by nytexan on May 11, 2007


How far into the world of perjury will Alberto Gonzales venture to protect the White House? I think he would go all the way to having criminal charges filed against him. In Gonzales testimony yesterday he was again evasive and at times smirking when committee members were becoming frustrated with his lack of answers or insight.

If perjury charges are filed against Gonzales, I really don’t think he cares. He has the protection of Bush and now the favorable Supreme Court. Bush will use executive privilege to protect Alberto any anyone else swept up in the charges. Bush is loyal to life long friends such as Gonzales and Rove. Both men are safe as long as Bush can protect them and as long as Bush can convince the public that Congress is making this issue political and nothing wrong happened.

Andrew Cohen of the Washington Post has done a wonderful four part series on Gonzales: Rough Justice – The Case Against Alberto Gonzales. Cohen points out in detail Alberto’s loyalty to Bush going back to when Bush was governor to the present.

First, Gonzales’ cronyistic record in both Texas and as White House counsel did indeed presage many of the serious problems Gonzales now faces at the Justice Department. He has run true to form over the past two years and has diverted hardly at all from his long history of dogged obedience to the President, which often has come at the cost of institutional independence and adherence to the rule of law. Second, Gonzales is seen by many legal historians and scholars as an abysmal failure–not quite as bad as the worst attorneys general in our history, but much closer to the bottom than to the top. And, third, given the burgeoning scandal over the dismissal of federal prosecutors at the request of the White House, there appear to be few legitimate reasons why he deserves to stay in office.

Gonzales is not an independent thinker nor is he independent of the White House. The main job of the U.S. Attorney is to be independent from all political affiliations and voices. It is hard to believe that with Gonzales long standing with Bush and Rove that he can perform his duties as a spokesman for the public and not a spokesman for the White House.

Should Gonzales resign? Yes. Will he? No. Gonzales is doing exactly what is expected of him. Gonzales is in step with the White Houses wishes and he truly has the full confidence of the President. He will not resign nor will Bush ask him to resign. So there you have another Bush loyalist protecting the illegal actions of this administration.



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