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CBS Fires Gen.Batiste

Posted by nytexan on May 11, 2007

Yesterday CBS fired Gen. Batiste over his VoteVets.Org ad. Are you outraged? I am. Batiste was fired for speaking against the Bush administration on the war. Batiste was hired by CBS for his military knowledge and experience. But I guess they just wanted him to sit there and just shake his head in agreement.

Batiste’s ad for a non profit organization that has no ties to either party should not have been a threat to CBS or a perceived connection.  It’s obvious that if a consultant speaks out against Bush, the war or this administration, CBS will fire you.

I guess Batiste just didn’t have the audience that Imus had. Heck it took CBS weeks to get around to firing Imus and a nano second for them to fire Batiste. I guess CBS is run by the White House.

Contact CBS and tell them how disgusted you are with Gen. Batiste being fired. Via e-mail scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the “feedback” link, or call (212) 975-4321.


2 Responses to “CBS Fires Gen.Batiste”

  1. While I’m certainly not going to defend the so-called “liberal” media and their propaganda techniques, I would probably have to back CBS in this one.

    The military analysts that are providing their expertise to the news networks are supposed to be providing simply that – expertise – and shouldn’t be taking a side for or against the war. If Batiste took a stand, he shouldn’t be providing that analysis.

    However, given that, this same rule should apply to ABC’s Jack Keane, who is avidly pro-war, pro-Bush. If Batiste goes, so should Keane.

    But alas, the “liberal” media doesn’t see it that way.

  2. nytexan said

    Will thanks for stopping by.

    I’m not defending the General, what bothers me is the pick and choose attitude of the media. It makes you wonder, whether they are liberal or not, how free is the press from outside interference or influence.

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