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Look Toto Its Another Bush Failure

Posted by nytexan on May 8, 2007

In light of the recent disaster in Kansas, can Bush or the GOP actually convince us that we are protected? Governors have been complaining for several years that their states are vulnerable because their guard and equipment are in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But those concerns and complaints have fallen on deaf ears. So, I find it very insulting that Tony Snow would blame the problems with Kansas preparedness and clean up on Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. She’s available, so it must be her fault.

It’s so typical of this administration to attack a person instead of fixing the problem. It’s obvious to me that the lessons of Katrina and Rita have yet to be learned by this administration. Instead they stand by and play the blame game. 

Why does Kansas have to bring in private contractors cleanup? Shouldn’t Homeland Security send resources to any governor when they need it? Doesn’t Homeland Security have equipment strategically placed, like they said they did? Probably not, because their trying to figure out what to if their blackberries go down again.

Lets not forget FEMA who is Johnny on the spot; they’re sending trailers to tornado alley. Brilliant idea! I guess the kind people of Louisiana, who are still waiting for their trailers, will understand especially when the next tornado flies those trailers over their state.   

The GOP is constantly telling us how safe we are, how ready we are for an attack or a disaster. I think not. The tornado in Kansas once again shows the incompetence and arrogance of Bush and his administration.


8 Responses to “Look Toto Its Another Bush Failure”

  1. neilaquino said

    Governor Sebelius is the daughter of former Ohio Governor John Gilligan.
    Gilligan is at current, I’m pretty sure, a member of the Cincinnati School Board. I once ran for the Cincinnati School Board but that is a different subject.

    Governor Gilligan was defeated by James Rhodes of Kent State fame.

  2. nytexan said

    Thanks for her pedigree.

  3. robbdog said

    It’s funny but Kansas has 88% of their Guard in state. Why didn’t the governor ask for federal help?

  4. nytexan said

    She did ask for federal help. Unlike a hurricane, tornados don’t give you days worth of warning for a governor to prepare their request for federal help in advance.

  5. robbdog said

    Hi Nytexan, the rest of this story is still breaking, may hit headlines Friday. She did wait to ask for Federal help, and knew there were more than enough resources to handle the emergency. She was following the DNC “playbook”.
    Are you still getting alot of rain down there???

  6. nytexan said

    Over the last few years there have been many governors’ republican and democrat that have complained to Congress and the administration that they were not prepared for a disaster because of troop and equipment deployment. I really find it hard to believe that you would connect the dots to a “DNC playbook”

    It’s stopped raining here for 2 days now but that suppose to change tomorrow. Texas is very green this year.

  7. Catherine said

    YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT? You talk about the blame game in the same paragraph within which you blast our President for not protecting us! What kind of a person would blame the federal government for not coming up with help instantly for localized emergencies? Only someone who thinks that the government owes them something. Kansas has had tornados forever, just like California has earthquakes, Gulf states have hurricanes, etc. It is not up to Homeland Security, Dorothy! Grab Toto and come back down to earth! The President has terrorists to keep at bay and political enemies undermining him at every turn, in Congress, in every newspaper in the country, negativism from mouths all around the world. Grow up! Your governnor should have a contingency plan and good people should come out of the woodwork like they ARE, when something like this happens. It is not up to a federal agency to handle this type of thing. Let them gear up for nukes or 911’s or such. We will self-sufficiently do all we can and rely on God and our fellow Americans to help us in times of trouble. What you are saying will come back to harm you in the future if you become dependent psychologically on someone else, a federal “savior,” in this type of disaster. There was a time when you would never have heard a comment like yours in this country.

  8. nytexan said

    You seem to miss the point of the story. The National Guard units from Kansas are in Iraq. Therefore, the governor of Kansas does not have all her states’ resources. They are working for the federal government in Iraq.

    Homeland security and FEMA made it very clear, after the disasters in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, that help, aid and medical resources where placed in strategic locations to compensate for National Guard units being re-directed to do Federal work. So, those resources were not there when the governor needed them. It is a given that area support will be forthcoming from neighbors and churches, but coordination of this help must come from State and Federal authorities. The destruction of an entire town is everyone’s business.

    These are well documented Bush promises made to the 109th Congress and the American people. Nobody said the government owes anyone anything. But, when Federal agencies, who I might add your taxes pay for, promise resources to Congress and the public, they should be there. So it is not a thought from outer space when citizens and a governor look for those promised and paid for resources.

    I’m not sure what state you’re from, obviously I’m in Texas where we get everything from hurricanes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, to huge prairie and forest fires. Our National Guard is nowhere in the state when our Governor needs them. By the way, Texas has the largest number of National Guard troops in Iraq.

    “Rely on our fellow Americans”? Interesting statement, since the federal government and its employees are also Americans we are supposed to rely on.

    “Nukes”? The Unites States has the largest inventory of nuclear weapons, followed by Russia, India and then Pakistan. So, which one will be nuking us first? Iran is still working on their technology for enriched uranium, so as of today, they are not a threat for nuclear war, yet.

    Regarding the President, Bush has done enough to damage his legacy, our country and world events, that my two cents about his incompetence is just a small voice in the crowd.

    I appreciate your comments and your passion for what you believe. So, I can say with confidence that you and I will never agree on Bush, his presidency, or God.

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