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Mea Culpa, George Tenet!

Posted by bosskitty on May 6, 2007

Listening to George Tenet this morning, my imagination woke up.  I was wondering why Tenet can never be nailed down on several issues leading to our plunge into Iraq.  He is taking responsibility for several points and implicating only the targets that the current Republican candidates are scrambling to distance themselves from.  The spin is, as I see it, it was only just these guys that did the dirty to Americans, Iraqis, and the World.  The Republican Party is no longer responsible for these guys.  Oh my!  How did these bad dudes ever get associated with the innocent GOP?  We, the current Republican innocents, are presenting ourselves as God’s gift to America, Iraq and the World! Just forget about the current administration and think of us as Ronald Reagan-ites.  Wasn’t he just wonderful?  Remember Reagan, remember Reagan … ‘we are the solution’, ‘we are the alternative’ to those bad ole’ Democrats who are the ‘cut & run guys’ and try to make America take responsibility for it’s actions!

I am convinced that Tenet is being paid to write the book and take the fall for the republican party. Such a sleight of hand is amazing.  Oh ‘MEA CULPA’ lets just focus just on George, Dick and me!!!!  Tenet will never implicate these new republicans who are God’s gift to America!!!!

All is going according to plan, isn’t it?


6 Responses to “Mea Culpa, George Tenet!”

  1. Tenet loves that Presidential Medal of Freedom more than he loves the truth. He’s a scumbag.

  2. bosskitty said

    Thanks, I smell a ‘hidden agenda’ with all the noise Tenet (Taint-it) is making. I call it a Neo-conspiracy magic trick. Instead of Bush-it replays, it’s Reagan-itis res-erection.
    Damn Bubba Blowhards.

  3. kayinmaine said

    Wasn’t it Bush Sr. who told Junior to keep Feith and Tenet over from the Clinton Admin? Feith hated Clinton and Tenet did whatever he was told to do.

  4. bosskitty said

    So true – do I smell a Neo-conspiracy? Let’s distract the voters, maybe they won’t associate us with King George. Let them think we are the Res-erection of Reagan. That’s what we need, more Reagan-itis!

  5. Kmuzu said

    One of my projects was designing the low-voltage backbone for an enormous yacht (175 feet long and four stories high ) The guy who owned it was a very rich oil executive. I thought the yacht’s name was interesting. – Mea Culpa.

    Was it for the yacht or the oil? I was too chicken to ask

  6. bosskitty said

    That is too cool – did he fall on his sword for his CEO?

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