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Troops At Odds With Ethics Standards

Posted by nytexan on May 5, 2007

Why is it that our troops think its ok to torture? Do you think it’s because Bush thinks its ok and has authorized torture? Of course, soldiers are told to listen to their commanders even if they disagree with the orders. So how can we expect our soldiers, who are continually subjected to the aggressive and malicious behavior of their commanders, expected to escape mental illness.

Washington Post: 

More than one-third of U.S. soldiers in Iraq surveyed by the Army said they believe torture should be allowed if it helps gather important information about insurgents, the Pentagon disclosed yesterday. Four in 10 said they approve of such illegal abuse if it would save the life of a fellow soldier.

In addition, about two-thirds of Marines and half the Army troops surveyed said they would not report a team member for mistreating a civilian or for destroying civilian property unnecessarily. “Less than half of Soldiers and Marines believed that non-combatants should be treated with dignity and respect,” the Army report stated”.

The atrocities that the troops are exposed to are no fault of theirs. The lack of mental illness treatment or the denial that they have mental health issues is not the fault of the troops.  The behavior that the troops have to exhibit to win Bush’s war is not the fault of the troops. It is the fault and failures of their commander in chief, Bush.

This is how Bush and the neo-cons support our troops. The lip service that they give to those words is beyond hypocritical. These men and woman who serve so honorably at the request of this country will come home mentally destroyed with no hope of support from the people who sent them there.

There are no excuses or constructive arguments that can be made for the destructive behavior of this president. Bush lied and bullied his way into this war at the cost of our troops and the long term effects of their mental health. Bush with his lies and torture policy has caused our troops to loose their ability to judge what is ethical and what is not.

For all of you who wave your flags, put bumper sticker and ribbons on your cars, that say you support the troops. For those of you denounce anyone who wants the troops home, just remember when those soldiers get home they will expect your support and effort to put them back together. Not a bumper sticker.


4 Responses to “Troops At Odds With Ethics Standards”

  1. Torture is good!
    Death is life!
    Occupation is freedom!
    Plus good, double plus good.

    Orwell is alive and well and infusing the mindset of the military and the culture.

  2. nytexan said

    I don’t know if you every watched Twin Peaks, but do you remembered the little guy who always spoke backward and he meant the reverse of everything. Well I believe that little guy is Bush.

  3. Kmuzu said

    Yep, that story really disturbed me. I think our troops have been in combat way too long. They need an extended break. This is going to bite us in the ass for a generation. I’ve had a belly-full of Shrub and his filthy war.

  4. nytexan said

    It’s sad that an entire generation will sufferer the mental health problems of bush and his drunken delusions.

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