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Is The Media Picking Our Next President?

Posted by nytexan on May 5, 2007

Can the media do the candidates justice by deciding who is a first tier candidate and who isn’t? With more than one year to go before the 2008 election and eight months before the first primary, the media has propelled three candidates in each party and dismissed the rest. Do candidates become first tier because of contributions? Are they first tier because the media has focused on them and told us so? Some candidates were called first tier by the media even before they announced.

Let’s look at the GOP debate first; many people on both sides thought Ron Paul showed the best out of the 10 candidates. But the media has dismissed him as “a long shot”. Is that fair to Paul’s campaign and to his followers? With all the focus on Romney, Giuliani and McCain, I didn’t even know Paul was running. 

The Democratic debate wasn’t much better; everyone seemed to be dismissed except of course for Clinton, Obama. Edwards has strong public support, but, I’m not sure the media classed him first or second tier. Forget the rest of the democrats, they’re all long shots. Gravel got much needed attention, not because he has a shot in hell, but because the media thought he was humorous.

On what basis did the media dismiss Ron Paul and the others? Are they not controversial enough, or is it that the self appointed political analyst can’t be bothered with them? So how did we get here? How did it become a system where the media dictates who the American public would be exposed to, focus on or elect?

Their heads would spin if Gore and Thompson jumped in the race. The first tier is full, so I guess they will create an “A list” to precede tier one. Why should main stream media decide who we should vote for?  

The last time we allowed the media to cram information of their choosing down our throats, Saddam had WMD’s and we ended up in Iraq. The medias’ role in the political arena is to expose the public to all of the candidates, not to pick the ones they think we need to know.   


7 Responses to “Is The Media Picking Our Next President?”

  1. bosskitty said

    Of course the media picks our candidates. Media is driven by sponsers. Sponsers are Corporations. Corporations own politicians. Therefore, media follows what their corporate sponsers dictate. Whatta democracy! Check out how many corporations support each party. The biggest wallet always wins!

  2. nytexan said

    Sorry for being so dense. That should have been obvious.

  3. Sometimes I think the media always picks the candidates. Look how much attention they give to Clinton and Obama and how little to Richardson and Kucinich and even Edwards.

  4. Based on the coverage I would say that Obama is the media “Golden Boy”.

  5. nytexan said

    I agree. But I think I would like to come to that conclusion myself instead of them telling me a year out.

  6. Commander_Guy said

    I look at who gets big money donors, and in the Democratic party, it’s Senator Clinton. Half of her contributors are those that have given $4,600. Do you have just shy of 5 grand to give to a politician? I sure don’t.
    Obama is getting half of his money from those who contributed $200 or less. That’s more encouraging to me. Less money from more people. That’s the way it should work. I just wish that Obama was getting ALL of his money from small donors instead of half.

  7. OpEdna said

    Having actually worked on the presidential campaign in 2004, I have decided not to watch the debates this time around, at least not yet. I find that, just like election ads and stump speeches, candidates are far too scripted and coached. I am weighing my decision based heavily on voting records in the House and Senate ( is a great site that has recorded every candidate’s position on every issue), how they functioned in their roles as state officials, and how they fare on John Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”

    Brownie points to any Democrat who appears on “The O’Reilly Factor” and puts that crap factory in his place.

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