Taking Texas And The Nation Back

God Toting, Gun Toting, Family Values Wielding Criminals

Posted by bosskitty on May 5, 2007

Please GOD, rapture these guys before they destroy us all!
This God Toting, Gun Toting, Family Values Wielding, Liberal Hating, Science Twisting, Republican administration still puts commercial interests and corporate bottom line over the sustainability of this planet and it’s occupants. This administration, just like Pontius Pilate, has turned its back on responsibility for its actions. Maybe it’s because the only Green they care about is the kind that lines their pockets.
This alarming trend has global consequences for future generations. This administration is teaching survival to our children, who are learning a lie trumps truth, guns trump talk, and taking trumps asking.
As for Iraq: We are always “making Progress” (so we’ve heard over and over for 4+ years), but, if you listen to the few Iraqi citizens remaining around Baghdad, we have opened Pandora’s box and washed our hands. The Green Zoners could care less that the people, they say they govern, are dying out so fast that there will be no one left. The Republican strategy is to let the Iraqis kill each other off and let God sort it out … of course, God is on OUR side. So, the famous ongoing progress we hear about is really just cleaning the Iraqi house so this administration can install another puppet government.
Such successes we’ve had installing puppet governments, just do your homework.

The arrogance of this despicable administration has set The United States of America back into a colonial era mindset where cheap labor in poor countries is more desirable than taking responsibility for improving productivity conditions right here at home. Just listen to the Republican debate … three candidates are creationists and must believe they were created to impose their “GOD given” right to rule – please GOD, rapture these guys before they destroy us all!

Absolute power corrupts” and we are being victimized by this truth!


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