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The Predictable GOP Debate

Posted by nytexan on May 4, 2007

I watched the GOP debate last night because I was curious to see what if any new ideas or plans any of them had. I’m not surprised that I came away with no in site. The debate was an irritating down the line repeat of the same answer. Ronald Reagan’s name was invoked so many times I started to wonder if these guys were running for president or a seat on the Reagan library board. The truth is I think they were schmoozing Nancy for her support and money connections.

I think the only candidate who broke from the packs broken record, was the long shot Ron Paul. What was interesting to me was the question about “do you believe in creation or evolution” three candidates raised their hands for creation. I don’t know about you but I’ve had just about enough religion in the White House to last a life time.

It’s was hard to believe McCain when he spoke out against the war, since he and Lieberman have practically moved into the west wing. I thought it also interesting that Lieberman was McCain’s pick for a cabinet position. The wedding will be announced soon.

Giuliani was irritating with constantly talking about his great role as mayor during 9/11. Let’s face facts Giuliani was elected to his first term as mayor of NY in 1993 and reelected in 1997. In 1993 the World Trade Center was first bombed and then we know what happened in 2001. The point is Rudy had at least 7 years before 9/11 to work on the safety and communications issues of New York but he didn’t. So statements about his 9/11 heroics are over reaching.

Tommy Thompson knows how to get votes. Last night he said that he thought employers should fire an employee for being gay. A few week ago he said that “Jews knew how to make money” The guys a bigot.

Personally, I think this GOP presidential group is scary and still out of touch. Let’s see what round two brings.


4 Responses to “The Predictable GOP Debate”

  1. Kmuzu said

    Hey, I heard you on Air America today and thought I would check out your blog. You hit the nail on the head with that debate last night. What a joke. McCain with the phony baloney outrage at Harry Reid. So, let me get this straight … Over 3,000 American soldiers die and it doesn’t bother him. Half a million Iraqis die and no worries … But don’t you dare say we’re losing the war.

    How is it possible in this day and age that there are three presidential candidates that still believe in creationism?

    Anyway, I enjoyed your blog and will put a link to it on my blog. – Kmuzu

  2. nytexan said

    It’s shocking to me that Creationism is believed. But then I don’t think you need to be high on the food chain to be a GOP candidate.

    What I find shocking about McCain is he’s been through war and was tortured, yet he stands by Bush. I sometimes wonder in so sick way if this war is McCain’s revenge.

  3. Joe said

    I watched the “debate” for about ten minutes, until John McCain said that the war has been mismanaged.

    Nobody bothered to ask, “By who?”

  4. nytexan said

    By who is a big concept for the right wing to grab. Best they skipped it.

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