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The Legacy of Progress in Iraq!

Posted by bosskitty on May 4, 2007

It’s 2020, a reporter interviews ex-president GWB and hears the now familiar mantra, “How many times do I have to tell you? We are making progress in Iraq”. The reporter rolls his eyes, “but Mr. President, there is no more Iraq”. The president smirks, “another liberal media twister, trying to oscillate the facts, ‘you people’ just make fun of my legacy. I was given the mission to spread freedom by God during one of our more intimate consternations”. Reporter, “Does God still talk to you, sir”? George, “Well, of course he does, sonny, we have iced tea on the back porch every afternoon and watch the Gulf of Mexico at the edge of my ranch. He tells me that I have played right into his hands, I have given the world an image to remember and a model for future generations to use as a lesson”. Reporter, “What lesson is that, sir”? Bush, “Well, he said that he’ll tell me when the time is right, and I’m OK with that. I’m the ‘Lesson Giver’. I’m more concerned about moving that fence again, never thought I’d have ocean front property out in the middle of Texas”.

And so, the story goes that King George will remain clueless until “God” is ready to reveal what the world REALLY learned from Bush, the Lesson Giver.

What legacy would you write for King George?


6 Responses to “The Legacy of Progress in Iraq!”

  1. Three, little words: WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

    History will not be kind to this dimestore cowboy.

  2. ogre8157 said

    dubyas legacy will be compared to nixon’s and hitlers only difference is the spin machine is far better with with the neocons great company george

  3. kayinmaine said

    George Bush is an abomination to our country and to the Xritians. He’s pathetic and like Christopher pointed out he will be known as the WORST PRESIDENT EVER in the history of our nation. The only person to do worse than him would be his brother Jeb or anyone connected to Georgie from here on in.

  4. ogre8157 said

    i have friends from all over the world and they ask me about my president …. my answer to them is i never voted for this ass and i take no pleasure in being one of his subjects

  5. nytexan said

    Great answer. Who would you say is the court jester in this gang of crooks and thieves?

  6. ogre8157 said

    can you say either condi or gonzo

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