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Obama Under Secret Service Protection

Posted by nytexan on May 3, 2007

CNN is reporting breaking news that Obama has been put under Secret Service protection because of threats.

What the hell is wrong with people? Haven’t we seen enough people killed, threatened and abused? Is this the road we are going to down instead of moving forward? I hope the Secret Service is just being very cautious and we are not going to have to deal with a worse situation.

I feel that threats and attacks or worse against anyone are despicable. To me it doesn’t matter what party a candidate is from, none of them should have to live in fear.


7 Responses to “Obama Under Secret Service Protection”

  1. madmouser said

    Its probably not serious, remember LBJ and his gang of murderers are no linger in the game, so they are a lot safer.

  2. nytexan said

    I hope so. Lol….yes you’re right about LBJ and his gang. Just don’t get me started on him.

  3. neilaquino said

    I read today that the other candidate in recent history who got the early protection was Jesse Jackson. I wonder what it is that Mr. Obama and Jesse Jackson have in common?

  4. nytexan said

    I sad that any candidate in either party has to get protection. What is unusual is how early the protection was requested.

  5. Reindeer said

    Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. Mohatma Ghandi, etc.
    If we had had Bobby, it is very likely in my mind that we would not have had Nixon. MLKJ was the first prominent man to take a public stand against the Vietnam war. Who knows what might have been if we had protected these great men. They have already assassinated the character of Howard Dean. What more do we need? These neocon killers want us all dead. If they assassinate Obama on the eve of his getting the Democratic nomination, then what? Does it surprise anyone that the Bush administration waited until only weeks before the election to provide secret service protection to Kerry? Why is it that only Obama gets protection? Why not protect ALL of the Democratic candidates? Protecting Obama is a good start.

  6. Reindeer said

    I met Jesse Jackson when he was campaigning for president. In my opinion, he has nothing in common with Barack Obama.

  7. nytexan said

    I agree that had Bobby Kennedy and MLK lived the world would have been on a much different course. It’s unfortunate that there are still people in this country who can not move past their hatred. They are stuck in thought and time and want everyone to be there with them.

    I hope for the best for Obama and all the candidates.

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