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What “President Incompetent” Vetoed

Posted by nytexan on May 2, 2007

So what was in the bill that “President Incompetent” vetoed yesterday?

The Gavel:

This bill is consistent with the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group.  It has the support of many retired military generals and reflects the wishes of the American people to wind down this war. The President has to face the reality on the ground in Iraq.  And he has to face the reality of accountability in this Congress.

Specifically, the bill:

Provides $2.1 billion more for military health care than the President requested, including:

  • $900 million for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Counseling and Traumatic Brain Injury care and research
  • $661 million to prevent health care fee increases for our troops
  • $20 million to address the problems at Walter Reed

Provides $1.8 billion more for veterans’ health care than the President requested, including:

  • $595 million to address the backlog in maintaining VA health care facilities
  • $250 million to hire additional personnel for the administration of the VA health care system
  • $229 million for treating the growing number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
  • $100 million for mental health care for veterans
  • $83 million to speed up the processing of claims of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

Provides other additions above the President’s request to support our troops, including:

  • $3 billion more for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles for troops in Iraq
  • $2 billion more for a Strategic Reserve Readiness Fund of which $1 billion is for Army National Guard equipment shortfalls
  • $1.1 billion more for military housing

Good job Bush.  I guess he really does support the troops and the veterans!!


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