Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Texas GOP In Congress Must Go

Posted by nytexan on May 2, 2007

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that every single Texas Republican in both houses voted No on the Iraq bill (Vote Smart). The Representatives followed John Cornyn, the White House mouth piece and Kay Bailey Hutchinson the GOP loyalist, down “President Incompetent’s” failed path.  Their loyalty to the GOP will fail them in 2008.

Currently, Texas has 32 Representatives in Congress, of which Republicans hold 19 seats. With all of their seats up for election in 2008, I am calling ALL Texans to make every effort to send them a very strong message to get onboard with the majority of Texans. If they continue to go down this failed road then we will replace all 19 of them. John Cornyn is the first to go.  

These 19 Representatives have continually followed party lines and have blindly followed Bush, Cornyn and Hutchison into the dark. They either need to come out into the light or be replaced in 2008. It’s time for Texans to sand up and send all of them out to pasture.    


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