Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Giuliani’s Texas Ties Will Hurt Him

Posted by nytexan on May 2, 2007

With the U.S. finally getting concerned about global warming and demanding stronger action taken by Congress and EPA, Rotten Rudy Giuliani has managed to align himself with a Texas firm that represents the worst environmental violators. Rotten Rudy’s will go around and toot his horn about his great job in NY, but when his term as Mayor was over Rudy became a partner in Bracewell & Giuliani, formerly Bracewell & Patterson.

Being in the legal field here in Texas, I am very familiar with this law firm and their complete disregard for the environment.  Most of their clients are major oil and gas companies and they’re huge lobbyist for their clients. Just doing their job they’ll tell you; but at whose expense?  

Bracewell & Giuliani are getting the attention that Rotten Rudy could live without.

In a recent NY Times article:  “The firm is perhaps the nation’s most aggressive lobbyist for coal-fired power plants, heavy emitters of air pollutants and carbon dioxide, a gas associated with global warming. Environmentalists say the firm played a significant role in persuading the Bush administration to roll back major provisions of the Clean Air Act”.

The same NYT article: “Giuliani has collected $89,000.00 from the firm’s partners and employees and over $400,000.00 from the firm’s clients. The firm’s managing partner, Patrick C. Oxford, is a top-shelf Bush fund-raiser with a wealth of contacts within Republican money circles”

“Bracewell’s effectiveness in the regulatory arena has been enhanced by its hiring of experts who worked for the E.P.A. in policy-setting capacities. Last October, the firm hired Jeffrey R. Holmstead, a former E.P.A. assistant administrator who oversaw the writing of the struck-down regulation. Two other agency officials have also joined Bracewell in recent years.

“We are so pleased to welcome Jeff Holmstead to Bracewell,” Mr. Giuliani said in announcing the new executive last year. “Jeff’s familiarity with the compliance challenges facing the private sector will be a big asset to our firm.”  

I find it interesting that while most candidates are moving away from Bush, Rotten Rudy seems to be moving loser.  He has aligned himself with a Texas law firm that represents the biggest environmental violator; a firm that was a Bush fund raiser; and firm that fights against the environment. Oh and your new employee Mr. Holmstead, he’ll help your clients destroy the environment some more. Way to go Giuliani.  That’s the way you get the votes.  


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