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A Few Words From President Incompetent

Posted by nytexan on May 1, 2007

We all knew this was coming. Bush has been telling for weeks, before the bill even hit his desk.  So, here’s a few illogical words from President Incompetent

CBC News: Such a deadline would allow terrorists in Iraq to “mark their calendars and gather their strength” until the pullout, would “demoralize the Iraqi people” and would “encourage killers across the broader Middle East,” Bush said

The terrorist are not waiting to mark their calender. The terrorist are bombing and killing now, President Incompetent.

From the same article, “Setting a deadline for withdraw is setting a date for failure. And that would be irresponsible” he said.

Congeress is not Irresponsible, Bush is. Everything about his term in office has been irresponsible.

The democrats need to keep the pressure on until Bush signs the bill.  He can not continue to thumb his nose at the American public or Congress.


10 Responses to “A Few Words From President Incompetent”


  2. gasdocpol said

    Bush just vetoed a bill which would give him funds for the troops asnd now he is saying that Congress is witholding money.

    If he wanted money for the troops, he should have signed the bill.

  3. nytexan said

    The logic that Bush uses is beyond understanding. Congress even gave him more money for the troops than he requested.

    Its interesting the only other think he has vetoed is stem cell research. So you have to wonder does he purposely thumb his nose at us?

    Bush has twisted logic. He vetoed stem cell because its against his pro life thinking, then he vetoed the Iraq bill which will definitely kill more troops and Iraqis.

  4. gasdocpol said

    Apparently Bush thinks that life begins at conception and ends at birth. He is not really pro life. He is pro birth but he does not seem to care much what happens after that.

    When you consider that GW Bush was a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 and then a failed businessman until he was propped up as the front for the Neocons, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone.

  5. robbdog said

    Let’s see, 25BILLION dollars in unrelated pork, and a date Iran can move in, Yeah, the Dems are really trying to support the troops. 3 million people were killed when we pulled out of an unstable Vietnam, I think that’s a lesson worth remembering.

  6. nytexan said

    There is pork in every single bill that Congress has written since the beginning of this country. So pork gripe doesn’t fly here.
    Congress both parties sent Bush far more money than he requested for the troops.

    Read on of the other posts that show exactly how money was put in the bill that he vetoed. Also why don’t you link to the Veteran blogs and see what they are saying about coming home and their support for the troops.

    All the answers are at your finger tips. Parroting the party line doesn’t work anymore.

  7. Reindeer said

    Robbdog the neocon wrote:

    “Let’s see, 25BILLION dollars in unrelated pork…”

    This number is wrong.
    Your argument is buttressed with falsehoods.
    Why do you feel the need to lie about this?
    It doesn’t help your case to lie.

    …and a date Iran can move in,

    Iran is already in. Where have you been?
    Where do you think that Iran should be? Sitting. waiting for Bush, the Great Satan? Come on now, you aren’t making any sense.
    Are you kidding me? Are you that naive?
    I think that you haven’t thought it through, you are just repeating nonsense that you heard. I’m sure of it, because you parrot the talking points. How unoriginal of you. Do you have no authentic and original thought? No?

    What makes you think that Iran would wait one single New York minute based on what the United States government did or didn’t do?
    That’s illogical. Is that all that you have to argue with?
    How lame. You have already lost.

    Why do you think that that Iran is waiting for U.S. gov’t approval?
    Oh, that’s right, righties don’t read newspapers.
    I often forget how deliberately misinformed the so-called “right” is.
    Is the Druge Report and the Not So Free Republic getting to you?
    I’d say so.
    My information from close friends who were in Vietnam is that
    somewhere less than ~2 million were killed in all, ~57 thousand Americans. Many more wounded than that. The U.S. didn’t keep body counts, so the truth can never truly be known.
    I suspect that even you know that. Maybe not, since you chose to lie about it. Hmmmm.
    That’s two numbers that you have pulled out of your ass.
    Why do you feel the need to lie so much?
    Do you think that it makes you look smarter?
    It’s not working for you.

    Not nearly as many journalists killed in that war as this illegal occupation. This illegal occupation and war for oil has taken 167 journalists lives so far, to shut them up about this conflict, no doubt.
    Why is the Bush administration so keen on suppressing facts and data?
    You folks seem to like shutting people up with bullshit.

    Iran is already in the fight, has been for awhile now, supplying many groups with weapons.
    The core of the problem is that folks like you want to control
    the rest of us with your corrupted morals, and we won’t take it.
    We’re done with you. You are over.

    The Bush lie machine is in full swing.
    The problem with righties is that you have no game.
    Ronald Reagan’s name was invoked 16 times during the neocon debate.
    It shows that the so-called right has lost it’s way,
    lured by piles of cash on a huge credit card that is bankrupting the world. Duped by those who are laughing at you now for your complicity.

    Truth is, you don’t care about anyone but yourselves,
    where as we are so egalitarian minded that we want to save your sorry asses as well. We want to fix the enourmous damage done to America.

    Why the hell are you fighting us on global climate change?
    Will you people stop at nothing? Nuclear war with Iran or Korea not enough? Global warming denying taking up all of your time?
    I want to thank all you righty screwups who got sold down the river.
    You have already handed us the election of 2008.
    Good show.

    I watched the sorry RNC “debate”, and it was more pathetic than American Idol during tryouts.

    Suck it up, righties, you lost. We are going to take over the Executive in ’08 and it scares the shit out of you.
    We are going to eat your lunch, and then eat you.
    Get used to being in the minority.


  8. nytexan said

    Thanks for your detailed response. You really have to wonder how the right can still follow the Bush party line of lies.

    They still have the attitude of “me against you”. Nothing can convince them of how wrong they are. The sad thing is that most of them still listen to Fox news and their local sound bit news. They are not interested in exploring more information and expanding their knowledge. Robbdog is obviously part of the %28 that still thinks president incompetent is doing a good job.

  9. robbdog said

    Reindeer, thanks for pinning a label on me and lumping me in with everyone else you HATE, I am amazed at your ability to sum up my 40 years from the 3 line opinion I left. I guess this is not the place for an open dialouge. I’m sorry your life sucks so bad you have to release on everybody that doesn’t share your view.

    The “NeoConRobbdog”

  10. nytexan said

    You are very welcome to voice your opinion hear just ad Reindeer is. I don’t expect everyone to see eye to eye, but that’s the point of an open dialogue.

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