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Posted by bosskitty on April 29, 2007

American-financed rebuilding program in Iraq, is a joke.  Inspectors for a federal oversight agency have found that in a sampling of eight projects that the United States had declared successes, seven were no longer operating as designed because of plumbing and electrical failures, lack of proper maintenance, apparent looting and expensive equipment that lay idle. 

But, this cannot be the first time inspectors have found that projects officially declared a success — six months later, they fell apart. 

Shoddy work is shoddy work!  Americans can sue contractors for failing to honor terms of their contract. But, what can the Iraqis do?  Hide? Loot? Try to survive any way they can by joining a religious gang?  Because the US has not given protection to its Iraqi employees or supporters, Iraqi people must use the resources they have at hand.  US promises came too late.  Repair failed.  Their infrastructure consists of a “green zone” of protection that is exclusive to a select few.  We have built castles for ourselves and left the Iraqi population to their own devices.  King George still fails to see why Iraqis aren’t grateful.

King George’s formula for success: ‘WE BREAK IT, YOU FIX IT’, is not a foreign policy.



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