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Bush Says Don’t ‘Test My Will’

Posted by bosskitty on April 29, 2007

President George W. Bush has warned Democrats not to ‘test my will’ after he vetoes a bill withdrawing US troops from Iraq.  “So if they want to try again that which I have said was unacceptable, then of course I’ll veto it,” Bush said. Gosh, parents tell their children ‘don’t test my will’ after they have been naughty. 

Apparently American Congress and American voters have been naughty.  Follow the logic.  What logic? 

The showdown between Bush and Congress comes in the context of Americans’ mounting disapproval of the four-year-old war and Bush’s strategy to deploy additional troops to Iraq to quell violence bordering on civil war. The funding bill passed 218-208 in the House of Representatives on Wednesday and 51-46 in the Senate on Thursday and has a non-binding target of completing the troop pullout by March 31, 2008.

So, Congress, just like the fired prosecutors, serve their constituents at the pleasure of this president?  Can he fire Congress, too?  Isn’t that what a dictator does when he changes a regime?  Can he, also, fire the American people for disagreeing with his outrageous policies?  Wait a minute!  The American Constitution says the President can dismiss a bill when the American Congress presents them for signing?  That is the only part of the Constitution he understands. Oh yes!  Bush treats the Congress like they have brought an ‘unacceptable’ guest home for dinner, the Democrats. 

His naughty American citizens must be punished.  Next he should ask Americans ‘who’s your daddy’.

If it would not distract from urgent global instability, global warming and domestic issues like health care, education, and the economy, we should start impeachment proceedings.  With an abundant bag of proof that would make a prosecutor (of our choosing) jump with glee, we should show this tyrant what LAW means.      It would be a “Slam Dunk”.

King George pledges that it’s his way or the highway.  Wow, don’t test my will.


3 Responses to “Bush Says Don’t ‘Test My Will’”

  1. What is that, a threat?


    MEMO TO GEORGE BUSH: Go. FUCK. Yourself.

    He’s not a lame duck, he’s a dead duck. If this Texas dimestore cowboy wants a showdown, then bring it on!

  2. nytexan said

    This eccentric ole’ Texan appreciates your ‘gumption’. Thanks for your comment.

  3. OpEdna said

    “So, Congress, just like the fired prosecutors, serve their constituents at the pleasure of this president?”

    I’m really glad you made this connection. In the Constitution, it’s the other way around. The President serves at OUR pleasure. And so does Congress. That is the definition of a Democracy. You make a good point about dictatorships. We often forget that we aren’t doomed to a full eight-year term if we’re unhappy with our leadership. Time to impeach.

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