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Rice Dismissive of Russian

Posted by nytexan on April 26, 2007

Rice, while peddling the U.S. missile defense plan in Oslo, backfired. The plan would put 10 missile interceptors in Poland and radar in the Czech Republic to defend against what it perceives as a potential future threat from Iran.” (see 4/24 post on plan),

“President Vladimir Putin’s threat to pull out of a Cold War-era arms control treaty, as the strategic confrontation between the two former enemies escalated. Putin stopped abiding by a 1990 conventional arms pact and said Russia might abandon it altogether, accusing the U.S. of upsetting Europe’s strategic balance by widening its military presence on former Soviet territory.”

Of course Rice in her usual flippant way tossed Putin’s statements aside by stating “The idea that somehow 10 interceptors and a few radars in Eastern Europe are going to threaten the Soviet strategic deterrent is purely ludicrous, and everybody knows it.

Rice obviously doesn’t care that Poland doesn’t want the missiles or the radar in their county; but that irrelevant. So now we have a wider gap between the U.S. and Russian, for a perceived threat from Iran. Between Bush and his great missile defense plan and Rice’s lack of diplomacy we just might be heading for another cold was.


2 Responses to “Rice Dismissive of Russian”

  1. OpEdna said

    Apparently she also doesn’t care that the Soviet Union no longer exists…

  2. nytexan said

    Know one ever said that you had to have brains to work in this administration

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