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Bush To Veto Bill

Posted by nytexan on April 26, 2007

The Iraq funding bill is now on its way to Bush’s desk to be vetoed. Bush, who doesn’t seem to get that the American people want the troop’s home.  He doesn’t seem to care that Congress is finally doing what we asked. HE made his mind up to veto the bill before both houses of Congress ever voted.

Timetables are not going to make or break the violence that Bush has created in Iraq. The timetable in this bill is something that Americans want. The idea that a timetable will tell Al-Qaeda “hey, where leaving tomorrow, it’s all yours” How ridiculous.  Al Qaeda is there and will always been in Iraq, thanks to Bush, his failed policy and delusional thoughts of grandeur. It’s easy to throw Al Qaeda in the mix as a distraction, since almost all of the current violence has been Sunni and Shia. 

I am sick and tired of listening to Bush, his administration and Dana Perino stating “remember it took our country several years to get the government up and functioning, we’ve got to give the Iraqi government a chance”.  I would probable buy that if the Iraqi government was actively participating from the beginning. Maliki has been poked and prodded to do something for years.  The Iraqi training is years behind schedule. The police are corrupt and not dependable. The infrastructure has never been completed because of contractor corruption and shoddy work.

Words from Lieberman in a CNN report have to make your jaw drop “Before the vote, Lieberman condemned the bill — which he said laid out “a strategy based on catchphrases and bromides rather than military realities” — as a guarantee of failure in the war in Iraq.”

The military realities of Iraq are that all of the generals have stated that peace will not come to Iraq through the military but through diplomacy.

From the same CNN report: Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, argued before the vote that continuing the war defies the will of the American people and that the U.S. military “should not police Iraq’s civil war indefinitely.” He defended the need for a deadline to withdraw troops, calling it “the only realistic way to encourage the Iraqis to take responsibility for their future.”

Funding is not running out. The Pentagon has stated many times in words and in their recent report that they have fund trough June. The 109th Congress actually took over 1o0 days to get the last funding bill to Bush’s desk.  So I really disgusted to keep hearing that the 110th Congress is dragging their feet on funding is it’s at the 80 day mark. This just amounts to is more lies, exaggerations and scare tactics from the White House and the right wing.

In a press conference today Dana Perino said “the Senate had passed “defeatist legislation”.  “Defeatist”, another catch word the GOP has clung to in recent days.  When asked that how can Bush veto the bill when over 60% of Americans polled wanted the troop’s home. Perino said Bush doesn’t go by the polls to make decisions. It’s obvious that Bush doesn’t care what we say. He never has. 

So where do we draw the line? Do we continue to send troops indefinitely until one day the Iraqi government wakes up and starts governing? The citizens of Iraq are dying at an astounding rate. However, the true numbers of Iraqi’s deaths are unknown because Maliki can’t or won’t tell the U.N. the truth.  Iraqi’s want peace and they are trying to make the best life they can out of the chaos around them. How can the Iraqi people expect peace when Maliki does nothing? How can they expect peace when their government won’t step up to the plate? Timelines are not bad they will force the Iraqi government to start governing. Maybe then the Iraqi people can live the lives they deserve.    



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