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The Bush Missle Plan For Poland

Posted by nytexan on April 24, 2007

Bush and his band of destructive thieves are at it again. They’re not happy that they’ve destroyed the U.S., Iraq and the worlds trust in us, now they are pushing Russian and other European countries to put up a missile defense shield in Poland.  Reuters: “Washington wants to place 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic to defend against what it perceives as a potential future threat from Iran.”  It was further reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “We have the impression that everything has already been decided in Washington,” Lavrov told reporters in Luxembourg. “We cannot really see that we could join.”  It’s not surprising that Poland objects to the idea and Russia doesn’t trust Washington.

Prior to Bush, the cold war had ended, the Berlin wall came down and the world was starting to get along. There were still problems but people were talking to each other and beginning to trust each other. Bush couldn’t be happy with the idea of peace, so now we have the Middle East in chaos, the threat of another cold war, building walls of separation and Poland is targeted to be the new sandbox for Bush to play in. Good job George. 

I’m sure Bush will send V.P. Darth Vader out to tell the Europeans that they don’t understand the threat and they’re defeatist.  Or maybe he will send McCain, his mini me, to serenade the European Union on bombing Iran.   Let’s not forget Lieberman, who will defend the missile plan as the fight on terror that Poland just doesn’t understand.

Bush is looking for any excuse to provoke a war with Iran.  I figured out that the real reason he doesn’t want a timetable for the Iraqi pullout is so the troops can be carried across the border to Iran at a moment’s notice; when he starts another unjustified war. I’m sure when the Europeans completely reject Bush on this, it will some how be Pelosi and the Democrats fault.


2 Responses to “The Bush Missle Plan For Poland”

  1. bigun6605 said

    Why does Poland need an anti-missle shield? From Iran? Anyone with a grain of sense knows this will tick off Russia-I thought the cold war was over. Have I missed something or is this another Bush screw-up?

  2. nytexan said


    Bush thinks Iran will nuke Europe and the shield will protects. Stupid huh. Russia is pissed and has been fighting again the missiles, saying it will destabilize Europe.

    So now Putin has order missile testing for Russia to protect against the missile program. Bush is managing to turn the world backwards.

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