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Another Lie From V.P.Darth Vader

Posted by nytexan on April 24, 2007

The statements V.P. Darth Vader made today are so arrogant and out of touch; “Cheney accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday of pursuing a defeatist strategy in Iraq to win votes in the next election — a charge Reid said did not warrant a response.”

Win votes I really don’t think the Democrats are very worried about votes since they seem to be the only people in Washington listening to the public. That statement should be very obvious as to who is making the Iraq funding bill political.

Defeatist attitude! The military already accomplished their goals awhile back, now they are occupying Iraq and loosing their lives. Why would anyone in their right mind listen to Cheney? I think the press should stop asking him questions and giving him air time since everything he says is a lie. By the way, who are the brain dead 9%-30% who support Darth Vader?



2 Responses to “Another Lie From V.P.Darth Vader”

  1. OpEdna said

    You know, Dennis Kucinich today stated that he will seak to have Cheney impeached. My blog this evening was about how that’s a tactically sound move, considering we need him out of the way before we can impeach Bush… what do you think?

  2. nytexan said

    I really hope Kucinich can pull it off.

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