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Maliki Ask For Wall Building To Stop

Posted by nytexan on April 22, 2007

Prime Minister Maliki has asked the U.S. military to halt building the wall to separate Shities and Sunni’s. In a Reuter’s article Maliki was in Cairo trying to get support for Iraq on an Arab tour. During his speech regarding the Baghdad wall, he stated “I asked yesterday that it be stopped and that alternatives be found to protect the area,” “I fear this wall might have repercussions which remind us of other walls, which we reject,” he added.  

The American response was to play the whole thing down and they would work with the Iraqi’s to coordinate security. Did the U.S. not coordinate this 3 mile insult with the Iraqis before they started construction?  How typical of Bush to come up with the most insulting way to solve a situation. Is the new commander General David Petraeus so afraid to stand up to Bush and tell them it’s wrong?  Maybe, but I believe Petraeus is in the same no win situation with Bush that every general before him was in. Remember Petraeus got his job because previous commanders spoke against Bush and his numerous failed plans and ideas. 

How confused is Maliki now? Bush tells him to take control, so Maliki listens to his people who are insulted by the wall and he makes a decision to halt the building. You can bet he will get an earful from Bush. Since Maliki was on an Arab tour you can bet that he met with leaders of countries that Bush doesn’t condone. Oh Maliki will hear about that.  Maliki is a leader with to many puppet masters attached to him. While Bush, the controller of everyone’s universe, needs to be the head puppet master at the cost of humanity and dignity.


2 Responses to “Maliki Ask For Wall Building To Stop”

  1. gasdocpol said

    Al last someone has recognised that good fences make good neighbors.

  2. nytexan said

    lol. Yes and soon we will have the great wall of the southwest.

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