Taking Texas And The Nation Back

King George Loves Gonzales The Amnesiac

Posted by bosskitty on April 21, 2007

Of course the President would be pleased with Gonzo’s testimony.  He is very careful to appoint amnesiacs who will cut the path of responsibility back to the White House.  He only appoints those who will “fall on their swords” before implicating King George in atrocious decisions and irrational behavior. 

King George is a true example of the mental health crisis that permeates America.  An administration that promotes paranoia and disconnected logic is a fine example of the inmates running the hospital.  We, as a country, are the true detainees being held without legal recourse.  Gonzo is only another manufactured robot for the Bush/Cheney illusion.  We are in a mental health epidemic. 

Our soldiers are returning home with the same untreated mental issues that the Viet Nam veterans brought back with them.  America’s social and political policy of denial and stigma associated with anyone seeking mental health support has exacerbated an epidemic that will be the downfall of this country.  Keep watching those commercials.  Keep buying all those feel good pills, so the present administration can tiptoe through their imaginary tulips.


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