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Republicans Jump On Reid And The Democrats

Posted by nytexan on April 20, 2007

The Republican Party has a lot of nerve to jump on anyone who publicly states the war is lost. Again like a broken record, the GOP saying that Reid and the Democrats don’t support the troops. Frankly I think sending the troops to Iraq without full protection, training, short leaves and not supporting them when they come home, as the Republicans have… not supporting the troop.

The GOP failed to say that Reid believes, as much of the public does, that diplomatic measures are needed. I am sick and tired of the GOP jumping up at every opportunity and pointing the fingers of blame on someone for Iraq. If the GOP is so compelled to point their fingers, they better start with the White House, the 108th Congress and the 109th Congress. Why doesn’t the GOP us their energy on something productive like diplomacy, compromise and bringing the troops home. Instead they choose to waist time, assign blame and become more disconnected from the American people. They continue take the divisive road of Bush, the most failed president in our history. It’s my way or the highway!

As we have seen just this week with the bombings in Baghdad, the surge is not working. Iraq is in the middle of a civil war. Civil Wars are a two party fight. Our troops make a third party, which puts them in the middle. I believe that “supporting the troop’s” means saving their lives by bringing them home. How stupid can anyone be to think that diplomacy should not be an option?

Here’s a history two questions for you: name one country that got involved in our civil war? Zero. Name one country that got involved in France’s civil war? Zero. Why is that? Because the third party in a two party fight always looses.

Bush and the GOP are so concerned about winning in Iraq they have completely lost sight of the human element. Oh they understand that people are dying, but their elections and legacies are on their priority list. So, good luck to you GOP because the color of your party is the color of what’s on your hands.


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