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Pet Food Deaths For Profit

Posted by nytexan on April 20, 2007

Ok I generally don’t write about things that are not political, but the events that have transpired with tainted pet food is becoming very political to me. I am disgusted and appalled that the corporate world can not do a dam thing without it benefiting their bottom line. Let’s face it the pet food and supply industry in this county makes a ton of cash. Why, because we love our little tail wagging, non judgmental furry family members.

According to federal health officials, “imported ingredients used in recalled pet food may have been intentionally spiked with an industrial chemical to boost their apparent protein content”. Hence if something looks better and more appealing then we will by more. Which CEO or bean counter figured this heinous plan out. They obviously gave no thought to the effect the chemicals would have on our pet, like suffering a painful death.

I love pets. I have cats and dogs of my own, and the thought of a corporation filling their bank account at the cost of our beloved pets is disgusting to me. Am I pissed you bet! I am fed up with the greed and corruption that is all around us. If the corporate world wants to pick on me fine, I can defend myself. My cats and dogs can not. They depend on me to take care of them and I depend on the companies to do the right thing. Is that to freaking much to ask? I want Congress to do something. I want them to pass legislature that will provide the FDA with stronger and stricter guidelines for the pet food industry. I want them to tell us on the labels where the hell the items came from. By the way all of my pets are health.


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