Taking Texas And The Nation Back

John Cornyn The White House Mouthpiece

Posted by nytexan on April 20, 2007

In his interview with CNN (via TMR) Cornyn statedI think he should, because frankly I don’t think the Democrats will be satisfied by the resignation of Al Gonzales. This is, at its base, a political fishing expedition, and they’re not going to be satisfied with just Al Gonzales”. Was Cornyn asleep yesterday when more than one Republican on the Judiciary Committee asked Gonzales to resign?

Cornyn was Attorney General for Texas so he has a pretty good idea of what the head AG’s job description is. Cornyn has blasted Gonzales on the wiretapping, he has questioned in public Gonzales actions on the attorney firings, but now that it’s getting to the point that Gonzo has to go, Cornyn stand by him.  It is all about politics. Cornyn’s future in politics.

Cornyn is coming up for re-election in 2008 and he wants Bush support which equals money. It appears many Texas think that Cornyn is nervous about his chances of winning. In a Houston Chronicle article “He’s also identified as the administration’s most loyal ally on Capitol Hill, which could be an uncomfortable title to wear at a time of flagging public confidence in President Bush and the war in Iraq”.

Cornyn has a pretty sorry record in Washington, he managed to cut and under fund programs that the troops and veterans need and deserve. His voting records is less than stellar, Cornyn voted against: Reinstate Pay-As-You-Go through 2011 Amendment;  Natural Resources and Environment Funding Amendment; Education Funding Amendment; Investigating Contract In Iraq Amendment; Judicial Review of Detainees Amendment; Teen Pregnancy Education. I could go on but the list is endless. I have provided a link for you to see his full voting records Project Vote Smart.

So, it’s no wonder that mouthpiece for the White House would come to the aid of his fellow Texan Alberto Gonzales.  


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