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Bush’s Legacy: What Will It Be?

Posted by nytexan on April 20, 2007

There’s a new blogger around these parts and has posted an interesting little piece called “Bush’s Legacy: What Will It Be?” . Yes I stole the title for my headline, catchy isn’t it? The main purposes of the post are the comments and our thoughts. I know comments are what we all like to see on our posts, but this one just has to know what we think.  Anyway please go to the site and post you comments.  It will be interesting to see what gets listed.


6 Responses to “Bush’s Legacy: What Will It Be?”

  1. Iraq, Guantanamo, and having turned most of the world from “friends” of the US on 911 to either neutral or hostile to it over Iraq….not to mention the HUGE deficit involved in losing a second badly advised US war in living memory.

  2. kayinmaine said

    What will be put in Bush’s library if he can find a spot to put since right now everyplace he wants to put it is highly protested? Funny, the Bush Regime has pretty much shredded or thrown out important documents/emails etc, so what the hell will be in this library when the time comes? Huh. Nothing I bet.

  3. He seems to think his people will write his place in history….all nice, heroic, sanitized and favorable. He will go down in history…..but for all the wrong reasons to the ones he wants.

  4. nytexan said

    Here’s what I posted on the original site

    I think he will be remembered by most around the world as a stubborn, deceptive and delusional president. The right wing will remember him as a true Christian who was on a noble cause. Historians will remember him as the man who would be king and who never let facts interfere with his decisions.


  6. From Dubya’s perspective history will remember him as a hero in the war on terror, since he only reads stuff that agrees with his preconceived ideas. What the real history books say about him won’t matter, as he’ll never see them.

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